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January 24, 2022 | The New Yorker

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January 24, 2022 | New Yorker


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Dhruv Khullar on Understanding Omicron; imprisoned artists; country club controversy; Bill Bradley’s solo show; Relaxation for adults.

  • comment

    Do the omicron numbers mean what we think they mean?

    The winter COVID rush holds a deeper lesson about the dangers of interpreting data without a full appreciation of context.
  • above the river

    Singing artists sing

    Portrait of a man holding a paintbrush and a palette in the middle of the painting
    In an exhibition hosted by Rehabilitation Through the Arts, themes included Ta-Nehisi Coates, Nikole Hannah-Jones, greenhouse, and home.
  • exclusivity section

    Teeing up with QAnon

    Two women refuse to greet a man by raising their hands
    What would Groucho say? Would you rather belong to a club with a porn store owner as a member? Or Marjorie Taylor Green?
  • Plates

    A sense of his whereabouts

    Picture of Bill Bradley in a blue and green jacket
    Bill Bradley, a well-established member of Grant (Rhodes Grant), Too Becoming (U.S. Senate), and Too Becoming (the Knicks Championship Teams), gives a preview of his Broadway solo autobiography, “Rolling Along.”
  • Department of Utopia.

    Among the revelers in Ondalinda, Burning Man’s more special cousin

    People in a crowd cheering
    Where is a psilocybin opinion leader supposed to find fest these days? Try Ondalinda, a five-day party in Careyes, Mexico, featuring COVID tests, private villas, dance parties, and a mycelium celebration.

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