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Jennifer Aniston, Kathryn Hahn Take on ‘Facts of Life’: Everything to Know

TV bounce! Jennifer AnistonAnd Catherine Han And more big stars are hired to take a fresh look at the classic sitcom of the 70s life facts in a new way Live in front of a studio audience Special.

ABC confirmed on Monday, November 29, that the climax event will air the following week friends Alum, 52, and WandaVision Star, 48, as Blair Warner (originally played by Lisa Wilshell) and Jo Polniczek (Nancy McKeown), respectively, are two students at an all-girls high school in upstate New York.

Aniston and Parks and recreational resorts The guys will join Gabriel Union And Alison Tolman, With Ann Dodd It depicts Edna Garrett, the mother of a tenement house. The character was previously a housekeeper for the Drummond family Strokes Diff’rentThat ran for eight seasons from 1978 to 1985.

life facts It originally aired on NBC from 1979 to 1988, becoming one of the longest-running sitcoms of the 1980s. The story centers on Edna (the late Charlotte Ray) teaching the girls of Eastland School valuable life lessons that they will not find in class.

During its nine seasons, the show has spawned three made-for-TV movies: Facts of life go to Paris in 1982 life facts below In 1987 and Life reunion facts in 2001.

The series has been going on since Strokes Diff’rent, which will also get a star-studded makeover on Tuesday, December 7th Jimmy Kimmel And Norman Lear, whose special offers All in the family, good times And Jefferson have already been given Live in front of a studio audience treatment in 2019.

“Other than my family, there is no better place to be in my 100th year than in a Sony sound stage with these amazing actors bringing back what our company produced all those years ago and sharing it with millions of viewers who could use a little laugh,” the Emmy Award winner noted at Statement before the December episodes.

Earlier this year, Lear reflected on his decades-long career as he was honored with a Carol Burnett Award at the 78th Annual Golden Globe Awards.

“I’ve never felt happier,” Lear said during his virtual acceptance speech in February. “I am convinced that laughter adds time to one’s life, and no one has made me laugh more, and no one I owe more time to than Carol Burnett and the brilliant team who helped her realize her comedic genius. … At nearly 99 years, I can tell you that I have not I never live alone. I’ve never laughed alone. This has as much to do with being here today as anything else I know.”

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