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John Hagins: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Daytona Beach Police

John Huggins was arrested after police said he threatened a mass shooting at Embry-Riddle University in Daytona Beach, Florida.

John Huggins is a student at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Florida, who is accused of plotting a “Columbine-like” mass shooting at the school. Huggins, 19, was arrested with a rifle and ammunition in a backpack after police said they received tips from students who viewed Huggins’ social media posts.

Daytona Beach police said Huggins was planning an attack on the college on Thursday, December 9, 2021, the last day of term exams. Police said Huggins made written threats of injury or murder, terrorism and attempted murder.

Daytona Beach Police Chief Jacary Young said at a news conference that the arrest halted a “credible threat” and “plot to shoot Embry-Riddle Aviation University.” Young said Huggins made reference to the 1999 Columbine High School massacre, which left 13 victims and two gunmen, and was planning to go to the shooting range Thursday morning.

“He said that once he was done at the shooting range, he was going to the campus to work on a Columbine missile launch,” Young told reporters at a news conference. “He wanted to create another Columbine.” But Young told reporters that Huggins is now claiming the social media posts were a joke. “It appears that Huggins sold his car to purchase that rifle and ammunition,” police said in a press release.

Embry-Riddle is a private university that focuses on aviation and aerospace programs, according to its website. The school’s campus in Daytona Beach houses about 6,700 undergraduate students and 780 graduate students, according to the university’s website.

Huggins’ arrest comes a week after a 15-year-old Oxford High School student killed four students and wounded several others in a shooting at a Michigan high school. He was arrested after the mass shooting and faces several charges. His parents also face charges in connection with the shooting. According to a report in The Conversation, school shootings hit a record high in 2021, with more than 222 shootings reported on school property.

Heavi was unable to reach Huggins for comment and it was not immediately known if he had appointed an attorney who could comment on his behalf. “A tragedy could have happened today,” Young said in a statement. “Instead, these students reported it to the school, which allowed us to act immediately and put Huggins into custody before he could carry out his plans. We thank them all for seeing something and saying something,” Young said in a statement. “.

1. John Huggins posted on Snapchat about his plans and students who saw his posts were reported to police, Daytona Beach chief says

Young said Daytona Beach police began an investigation after receiving a phone call from campus safety in Embry-Riddle at about 4 a.m. after two students reported to campus safety that they were concerned about Snapchat group messages they received. “They were very concerned about what was transmitted in this group chat on Snapchat,” Young said. “They were so concerned that they are responding to the safety of the campus. We intervene and as soon as we reach the scene of the accident, the investigation begins from there.”

Young said Huggins was planning to carry out a mass shooting at the university on December 9. “Today is the last day before winter break. Today is finals, final exams, so that was all part of the plan,” Young said. “Because today, the campus is going to be packed. Because everyone should be there for the final exams. So this was all in his plan. By the grace of God, these students came forward and thwarted that plan. Thanks to God, they have come forward and prevented Embry-Riddle Aeronautical from being the next national media story regarding a mass shooting on that campus.”

“The point I want to take home is the importance of, ‘If you see something, you say something,’ Young said. ‘That’s how we fight what’s going on in this country right now. Because most of the people who carry out shootings like this, someone knows something. But they usually fail to draw the authorities’ attention to it. So, the credit really goes to these two students who came forward and brought this to our attention.”

Young said that Huggins told investigators that the social media messages were a joke, claiming he “wasn’t himself serious about what he said. But he admitted those were his messages. He said so.” Young said Huggins told police he only had the gun to go to the field.

2. Huggins was found with a folding rifle, magazine and several boxes of ammunition in his backpack, police say

Young said the officers went to the Andros Isles apartment complex in Acklins Circle in Daytona Beach, where Huggins lives. “We set up a perimeter and while we were getting a search warrant, he ended up getting out,” Young said. We managed to catch him and hold him. As soon as we held him, we immediately noticed that he was carrying this backpack.”

At the press conference, Young carried a yellow backpack to show reporters and said a weapons magazine could be seen in the backpack. The police chief opened the bag to reveal a folding gun that Young said was inside. “The plan was that he was going to leave his apartment, and went to Volusia Top Gun to rehearse, and then went to Embry Riddle,” Young told reporters.

Young said the rifle was a Kel-Tec Sub 2000 rifle. He said they also found several boxes of ammunition in Huggins’ bag. Young told reporters he was prepared. Young did not say when or where Huggins purchased the gun and ammunition nor did he provide other details about the gun, including whether it was legally owned by Huggins. But Young said he believed the gun had been loaded. It’s a recent purchase, because on some social media, Huggins noted he had “finished school shopping,” and included a picture of the rifle.

Young said they seized several boxes of 9mm ammunition, six magazines, a scope, and an ear muff, and “because the gun is foldable, he was able to fold it up and fit perfectly in his backpack. So if you’re walking around campus with a backpack, you won’t Nobody suspects there is a gun in their backpack.”

3. Huggins, a resident of North Miami, was stopped by Embry Riddle and banned from campus, where police say he was struggling academically and at risk of failing classes

Huggins is a current student at Embry-Riddle, according to police. Police said he was due to take an exam on Thursday on campus. Police said Huggins is from North Miami, Florida, and has no criminal history. According to a police press release, Higgins was cited for a traffic offense on campus on December 8, the day before his arrest. Huggins has been suspended by Embry-Riddle and banned from campus, WISH reports.

According to Young, the police are still looking into Huggins’ background. “He was on academic probation. His GPA had fallen below 2.0,” Young said. “So he was struggling with his grades.” Huggins “is at risk of failing classes at ERAU,” the police said in a press release.

According to his Facebook profile, Huggins graduated from Monsignor Edward Pace High School in Miami Gardens, Florida, in 2020. His Instagram page shows that Huggins is a pilot and often takes pictures of planes. Photography Instagram says in the bio, “It’s not gay if TSA…@jhagins4 is the main…all the pictures are mine.”

The FAA’s database shows that John Arges Huggins IV has had a private pilot’s license since October 2020. Huggins is classified for flying single-engine aircraft, according to the FAA database.

4. Huggins, who has no criminal history, is being held without bail as investigation continues, police say

Young said Huggins has no criminal history and no history of mental health problems that are known to the police. The 19-year-old is being held without bail until his first court appearance. Police said an investigation is underway.

Young told reporters, “We’re in custody. Now he’s upstairs and he’s already admitted to making the statement. He’s admitted. He might want to claim it was a joke and he wasn’t serious about it. But we don’t find anything funny about discussing a mass shooting on campus. Undergraduate. If he was looking for attention, he got it. I don’t think he wanted the kind of attention he got. But he got it.”

Details of when Huggins could first appear in court and the specific charges against him were not immediately released. Huggins is not yet listed in the Volusia County Jail or in Volusia County Courthouse records.

Young gave credit to his investigators. “From the moment it was brought to our attention, they have left no effort without his heart. When you want to talk about a relentless pursuit of something, those detectives you see on my right have done everything in their power to make sure it is located, a perimeter is established, and it is put into custody before To be able to leave that apartment complex to carry out his plan today, Young said.

“Investigators are still searching, so there may be additional firearms,” ​​Young told reporters. He said that based on the information they have obtained through the investigation so far, he believes Huggins was acting alone and no one else was involved.

“This is an ongoing investigation, so we are still combining the specific motive here,” Young told reporters.

5. There has been a rash of shooting threats, hoaxes and false alarms in schools across the country in the wake of the Oxford High School shooting in Michigan

Lifelong consequences for students who direct the school to threatsCBS4’s Austin Carter reports that at least six South Florida students have been arrested and charged with serious crimes after making threats against schools.2021-12-06T23:40:14Z

At the press conference, Young said, “I think everyone in this room knows that on November 30, we had a mass shooting on a school campus in Michigan, at Oxford High School. So that was the first thing that blew me away when I got this phone call this morning. “.

“I’m so relieved we’re not the next national media story because it’s about a mass shooting on campus. Because the intent was there,” Young told reporters.

There have been reports of threats and deception about potential shootings in high schools and colleges across the country in the wake of the Oxford mass shooting. According to ABC News, several students in Michigan alone are facing charges and investigations into threats and false alarms in the aftermath of the fatal shooting.

They say, I will bomb the school. Eli Savit, the Washtenaw County District Attorney, told ABC News. “Even if you think you’re doing it through an anonymous social media account, law enforcement has ways to track you down and find you and when that happens, you will be held accountable.”

In a statement, Embry-Riddle said: “The safety of our students, faculty, staff and the community is our number one priority. Earlier today, an Embry-Riddle Aviation University student was arrested and is being held without bail. Our campus safety officers are working closely with the Daytona Police Department. Beach. We are grateful to the law enforcement officers, who acted quickly and did exactly what they were trained to do to keep everyone safe.”

Embry-Riddle added: “The university immediately notified the entire community of police activity. A closure did not become necessary. A student was assaulted, suspended and cannot return to our campus. Out of great caution, increased safety protocols will be maintained on campus. But again, the The Embry-Riddle Campus is safe. Unaccompanied journalists cannot come to the campus at this time.”

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