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Josepha Da Costa: Help students pay for college at I Have a Dream Ball and auction | Column

I’ve always enjoyed the thrill of the ball. Deciding what to wear, taking pictures, enjoying a nice dinner, networking and seeing the recipients receive their awards all make for a great evening.

My favorite part of the night is the dancing. Although I’m sad we won’t be able to dance in person, I still look forward to Saturday’s auction and the virtual ball.

I was really impressed with how successful the last January ball was with the Zoom event and its activities. The auction items were really great, although unfortunately I was bid on a relaxing vacation. This year, I will definitely be ready.

Women in Focus volunteers planned well and made it a positive experience for everyone.

Next year, when I’m old, I hope to get the Women in Focus Scholarship. In the meantime, I plan to attend this year’s ball gala with other student journalists. We hope you’ll join us and help support the college dreams of local youth. It’s a fun and great way to make a real difference.

Da Costa, 16, is a teen editor at Simpson Street Free Press and a freshman at La Follette High School in Madison.



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