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Julia Di Fiore Named Recipient of Milestone Consulting’s Inaugural Trial LawHER Scholarship

Buffalo, New YorkAnd November 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Named after Milestone Consulting Julia de Fiori As the opening recipient $10,000 Lauer trial grant. This scholarship is awarded annually to a 3L law student who intends to become a litigation attorney. from flower Bring The University of Texas at Austin The College of Law beat applicants from law schools across the country to be named the winner of the 2021 competition.

The Trial LawHER Scholarship was launched this year with the intent of making a difference on two fronts: raising the bar for emerging women leaders in the plaintiff trial attorney space and educating trial attorneys about the importance of settlement planning. To be considered, applicants must be female, enrolled in the 3L Law School program, and have plans to become a plaintiff’s case attorney. from flower She was selected as this year’s scholarship recipient based on the contents of an essay, video, and letter of recommendation she submitted.

“The carefully designed perspective expressed in Julia’s article and video was exactly the narrative we had hoped this grant exercise would highlight,” he said. John Berg, founder of the Milestone and Trial LawHER Scholarship. “Rock star Julia clearly has a bright future in the experience space, and there could not be more fitting for a first-ever scholarship recipient.”

from flower is a prominent position in The University of Texas at Austin Faculty of Law, works as editor-in-chief of a newspaper Texas Law Review And she maintains a nearly perfect GPA, all while pursuing her secondary passion as a mezzo-soprano singer—in fact, she’s fit even at some holiday singing in the midst of the hustle and bustle of law school exam season in the coming weeks. after graduation, from flower Prior to a position with a boutique experiences firm, Red Collins & Tsai.

“I am honored to be selected as the recipient of this important scholarship and loved the opportunity it gave me to dive into the world of settlement planning,” he said, from flower. “As a future trial attorney, it is important for my colleagues and I to understand the role that settlement planning must play in our future standard of client care, and I deeply appreciate the work that Milestone is doing in the industry.”

Milestone is a nationally recognized settlement planning firm built on helping plaintiffs achieve future post-settlement financial security. By administering the Trial LawHER grant, Bair hopes to counter the male-dominated situation in the field of civil justice as he has come to know it throughout more than two decades of working in the industry, as well as provide the next generation of lawyers with the knowledge they need to best support their clients in settlement time .

Applications for the next round of the trial scholarship competition will open in early 2022. For more information about the Milestone or the Trial LawHER scholarship, visit http://milestoneseventh.com/trial-lawher-scholarship.

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Milestone Consulting, LLC is a settlement planning and management company licensed in all 50 states. Milestone provides reliable financial settlement guidance and strategies to ensure lifelong financial security. We work with trial attorneys and their clients to be partners in the present and advocates for the future.


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