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PARTICIPANTS — Early childhood education students at Jefferson County Joint Vocational School learned some important information about driver safety during a session with representatives of Casie Johnson State Farm Insurance on Feb. 25. Among the participants were, front, from left, Tarynn Dulkowski, Karlee Warren, Katie Rawson, Rebecca Blankenship, Lita Bennett and Felicity Rawson; and back, Shy Rose, Bre Ammon, Karly Sibert, Kasim Boyd, Alazia Hayman, Kylie Gura, Katelyn Gallagher, Sumer Yeager and Katnip Cottrell. — Contributed

BLOOMINGDALE — Early childhood education students learned just the “FACTS” about driver safety during a special presentation at Jefferson County Joint Vocational School.

The program’s Family, Career and Community Leaders organization of America recently was awarded $2,000 in Families Acting for Community Traffic Safety grants, and representatives of Casie Johnson State Farm Insurance of Steubenville met with students Feb. 25 to talk about the impacts of seatbelts and driver impairment.

Instructor Becky Kelley said grant funds were split among her 16 juniors and seniors for separate projects to highlight the importance of safety behind the wheel. Seniors addressed seatbelt safety and usage with preschool parents and fellow students while the juniors focused on educating peers about impaired driving and invited the speakers for the recent session.

During the presentation, Blankenship and Rawson shared statistics and other vital information. Among them was that students need eight to 10 hours of sleep to operate a car, while drowsiness and intoxication are major causes of accidents on the roadways. Youth were encouraged to speak up if they felt uncomfortable riding in a vehicle with a potentially distracted driver.

“Our ultimate goal was to get students educated enough to talk to their peers and get them to drive safely, and if they are not feeling safe to speak up.” Kelly added.

Students also practiced with impairment goggles from the JVS’s criminal justice program to learn about the effects of drowsiness to intoxication while operating a vehicle. Kelley said evidence of the programs had to be submitted to the national FCCLA by March 1.

This is the third year the JVS FCCLA has received the grants and prior projects included seatbelt safety and vehicle winterization. FACTS is a national FCCLA peer education program to support the enforcement of local rules and regulations regarding community traffic safety and State Farm Insurance is a grant sponsor.

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