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K-State Salina offering free year of tuition with scholarship

The Kansas State University Salina Campus for Aerospace and Technology is offering free one-year scholarships to qualified freshmen from Kansas State.

K-State Salina offers scholarships that provide a free year of tuition to select freshmen from Kansas for the fall 2022 semester. Currently, K-State Salina is the only public institution in the state that offers a free year of tuition.

K-State Salina is the only public institution in the state that offers a free year of tuition at this time.

The K-State Salina Experience Scholarship, which supported 75 students with a free semester, is expanding following the initiative’s success and enthusiasm.

The campus plans to award an Experience Scholarship for the fall 2022 semester to more than 100 incoming freshmen who graduated from a high school in Kansas. Eligible students will be enrolled in one of the engineering technologies at K-State Salina, aviation maintenance, unmanned aircraft systems, applied business or social work degree options.

“We strongly believe that our learning style is a great fit for many high school students in Kansas, so we have offered this scholarship again,” said Christopher Smith, executive director of the Department of Enrollment and New Student Engagement. “This amazing opportunity allows new students to participate and participate in their degree program while not having to worry about tuition costs.”

The Experience Scholarship is another example of how generous benefactors invest in students. K-State Salina CEO and Dean Alysia Starkey is pleased that Kansas students have the opportunity to earn on-demand degrees.

“Such support ensures that higher education remains accessible and affordable,” Starkey said. “The degree programs offered by K-State Salina are essential to driving the country’s economic growth.”

Students must apply and be accepted into K-State Salina to be eligible for the Experience Scholarship. To learn more, call K-State Salina State Admissions Admissions at 885-826-2640.

This article originally appeared on Salina Journal: Kansas State Salina Offers a Free Academic Year with a Scholarship

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