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Karnataka Government initiates e-RUPI disbursement for Education Scholarship

Karnataka State Government begins disbursing e-RUPI for Education Scholarship

Written by Lindra Montero


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The National Payments Partnership of India (NPCI), State Bank of India (SBI), and Department of e-Governance, Government of Karnataka, to enable and implement e-RUPI, a non-cash and contactless payment solution for students under the scholarship programme. .

e-RUPI will be used to ensure the leak-proof delivery of tuition fees to eligible students by digitally paying the college/institute by the Karnataka Government. The Karnataka State Government will have e-vouchers delivered to the phones of eligible students. The coupon code can be received on the premium phone as well. Students will be able to redeem the e-RUPI at the designated colleges/institutes for the intended purpose of fee payment.

To redeem the e-RUPI, the selected institutes will scan a QR code or SMS thread that students display using an app or point of sale device. This process will remove the requirement for any physical token delivery for students to benefit from the scholarship.

Rajiv Chawla, Additional General Secretary, Department of Personnel and Administrative Reforms (DPAR) (E-Governance), Karnataka State Government said: “e-RUPI is really a very powerful tool used by governments as it enables direct transfer of benefits to the target beneficiary safely and securely. The tool ensures that The beneficiary gets the benefit according to the system guidelines. Under this initiative, each transaction is mapped with the beneficiary and the institution to ensure that the e-voucher can be redeemed by the college the student is enrolled in.”

Shala Srinivasulu Siti, Managing Director, Retail & Digital Banking, State Bank of India said: “e-RUPI (UPI Prepaid Coupon) was launched on 08/02/2021 by Honorable Prime Minister of India for COVID-19 vaccination in the name of use case First, due to its hassle-free use along with its safe and cashless features, the government has envisaged extending the use of e-RUPI to other use cases like DBT, scholarships, kerosene oil distribution, subsidized distribution of food pills, donations and groceries. It is one of the leading banks in implementing e-RUPI for other use cases by providing an end-to-end solution to the Karnataka State Government for distributing scholarships to students for their studies.”

Kunal Kalateya, Head of Product at NPCI, said: “We are pleased to offer our e-RUPI solution to the Karnataka State Government to empower students with hassle-free scholarships. At NPCI, we are constantly working to harness India’s technological and digital prowess through continuous development of products and services. Pioneering digital. We believe that e-RUPI is a revolutionary initiative in the direction of ensuring adequate and leak-proof delivery of schemes. This is a win-win for both students and colleges. While students receive the voucher, they can redeem it only to pay the fees to the colleges/institutes.”

The Karnataka State Government has included around 176 schemes from 35 departments of the state government on the Direct Benefit Transfer Platform. Apart from scholarship scheme, other major schemes implemented are Minimum Price Support Schemes, PM-Kisan State Scheme, CM Relief Fund, Housing Schemes and Milk Incentive Scheme. After the successful implementation of this pilot project, the state is considering the use of the e-RUPI voucher in other schemes such as seed distribution, fertilizer distribution, micro-irrigation plans, issuance of laptops to students and transfer of skilled training.

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