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Keatts ‘excited’ to finally be free from NCAA uncertainty – The North State Journal

NC State coach Kevin Keats received good news from the NCAA Independent Accountability Review Process on Monday. (BJ Ward Brown/North State Journal)

Rally – Kevin Kitts didn’t have much Christmas spirit after his side’s ugly 84-70 loss to Wright State at PNC Arena on Tuesday.

But there is still at least one reason why his soul is shining.

Twenty-four hours ago, the NCAA investigation that’s been hanging on his program since the day he was hired five years ago finally came to an end.

Although Wolfpack was hit with several penalties issued under the NCAA’s new independent accountability process for abuses by former staff members in the one-star designation and the act of Dennis Smith Jr., it managed to avoid a post-season ban.

It was a positive outcome that would finally allow Keats to move forward without a cloud of uncertainty hanging over his head.

Especially when it comes to employment.

“The NCAA stuff was one of the hardest things I’ve had to deal with as a coach,” said Keats. “There wasn’t a single phone call, and my dad wasn’t one of the recruits I didn’t have to talk to. Even if they didn’t ask, we wanted to be honest with them letting them know we were under investigation for something that happened with the former employees. Having said that, I’m excited because it’s over.” “.

In addition to voiding Smith’s 15 wins during the 2016-17 season, the IARP accepted self-imposed state penalties with one bonus cut for the current hiring cycle, reduced state visits, and a $5,000 fine. , communication restrictions and a reduction in the number of hiring days per employee, along with a public reprimand and one year of probation.

The most severe penalties were drawn against former assistant coach Orlando Early, who received a six-year bid order for being the bag man who, according to NCAA allegations, handed over $40,000 in cash from Adidas to Smith as a lure to sign with the State Department.

Former coach Marc Gottfried received a one-year bid order for failing to adequately monitor his program.

“We still have some challenges,” said Keats. “There is a scholarship reduction. There are some days of enlistment and blocking of connections. But I really appreciate IARP because he really looked at it for what it was.

“When you look across the country, everyone has a lot of opinions about our decision and what happened. What I would say is that there should be no opinion because this is the first case that has been under the IARP. Nobody knows how they are going to look at it.”

The IARP was created based on proposals from a committee chaired by former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in 2018 to reform college basketball amid a federal investigation into corruption in the sport.

Smith’s case was part of that investigation.

Unlike the NCAA’s Offenses Committee, the IARP is an independent body convened to serve as an independent arbitrator in the most complex and serious issues in college sports.

According to the public report provided by the IARP, several mitigating factors—including a program change in leadership and excessive spending time since the violations occurred—were considered in the Wolfpack case.

This was not the case with the recent decision that a one-year ban was imposed on Oklahoma State after the season ended due to similar violations by the NCAA’s Infractions Committee.

“When you look at a program like Oklahoma State, I don’t think they should have played in the post-season,” said Kitts. “But they also went through a different format. The way the committee is changing now… why punish the kids who were in the eighth grade? We have six of those guys who were in the eighth grade. Why am I punishing me and my entire crew when it has nothing to do with us?”

“I hope we start to see a shift in what’s really going on. If someone did something wrong and someone did an inappropriate act, punish that person. But don’t come to the kids who have nothing to do with it and I think that’s what happened.”


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