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Krista Newkirk – Redlands Daily Facts

After several months of discussions between multiple groups concerned about the planned University Village project, which will be adjacent to the new Arrow Line University Station, the University of Redlands is pleased to announce that a compromise agreement has been reached between the university and Bill Cunningham in his representation of those concerned with growth in our community.

This agreement, in the form of a modified ballot initiative, fully supports the planned University Village.

These groups are now working together to present this new ballot initiative to the City Council for their approval to place this initiative on the ballot for the voters to consider during the general election in November.

The University Village is envisioned to be a smart growth, charming, multi-use community where members of the Redlands community can live, shop, and work, as well as a new locale for local businesses and services. That vision also includes a farmers’ market accessible to all, a day care center, a 70-room boutique hotel, approximately retail 1050 residential units, and space and restaurants that will offer our local entrepreneurs new opportunities to provide products and services to our community . The area will also include a village green where residents and their families can enjoy local entertainment and take a much-needed break from their technology-driven lives.

This community-based project will preserve our historic Zanja, which is susceptible to flooding. In addition, we are working to secure funding for infrastructure development to improve overall flood mitigation, which has plagued the downtown area for years.

The new ballot initiative addresses the local concerns and provides for multiple benefits for all residents of Redlands.

We all want smart growth. The plan for the University Village limits the area on which four-story buildings would be constructed, and only two-story buildings will be located adjacent to a single-family residence (without their permission) or within a single-family neighborhood. In addition, the compromise initiative requires a parking study to ensure adequate, but not excessive, parking. As noted above, the plan also provides wide-ranging benefits to Redlands residents, including additional open and programmable green spaces. Thus, the totality of the University Village plan results in a responsible and sustainable public venue that both serves the Redlands community as a whole and is economically viable for construction, all in a way that meets the University’s long-term needs.

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