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KU basketball recruiting: Jayhawks offer PG Desmond Claude

Kansas coach Bill Self talks with his players during the second half against Stephen F Austin on Saturday, December 18, 2021, in Lawrence.

Kansas coach Bill Self talks with his players during the second half against Stephen F Austin on Saturday, December 18, 2021, in Lawrence.


Desmond Claude, a 6-foot-5, 190-pound senior guard from the Putnam Academy of Sciences in Oakdale, Connecticut, received a scholarship for men’s basketball from Kansas, Report it this week on Twitter.

Claude, ranked No. 122 in the 2022 recruitment category by 247sports.com and No. 129 by Rivals.com, has received offers from Kansas State, Xavier, Boston College, Boston University, Butler, CA, Creighton, Louisville, Marquette, UMass and Memphis and Minnesota, Notre Dame, Pittsburgh, Providence, Rutgers, Illinois, South Carolina, Wisconsin, among others.

Claude told Jayhawkslant.com that he had visited Louisville, Xavier, Rutgers and South Carolina. He said, “It’s very likely that I’ll visit Kansas.”

Claude received his Kansas State show on a recent Zoom phone call with KU coach Bill Self and assistant Jeremy Case.

“The self coach says there’s a good chance and he wants a great goalkeeper. Everything looked good on the Zoom call. The self coach hasn’t seen me play (in person) yet. Coach Self has seen me in the movie a lot,” said Claude.

Claude’s description of his game for Jake Weingarten from Stockrisers.com.

“I am a goalkeeper who can score while making my teammates better. Making a very good decision and passing it to the right man depending on the situation. I can also make the correct readings constantly,” Claude said.

About Claude, Weingarten writes: “Claude is a very potential client with a lot of size on guard, and he’s also very versatile and problematic when attacking the edge. I would say his pace is interesting too. He always seems to know exactly when to do something.” It is one of the few remaining prospects that is currently ranked in the senior category, and for that, it has caught the attention of several senior majors and has current plans to start the visitation process and move forward with the recruitment process,” Weingarten added.

The staff at prospectiveinsight.com wrote this about Claude: “Obviously aggressive, skilful, and efficient with size, Claude is probably the best long-term ranger available in attendance (on one of his recent high school rides). Embraces friction and arrives in Often to the free-throw line where the shooter is strong He has good overall court vision and benefits from his positional size Claude plays with a degree of patience and high IQ in basketball as well The Native Connecticut generates steals through a combination of height, expectation and deceptive lateral speed He plays Claude is fairly straight, which can seem stiff at times.Claude should be a better spreader overall, given his size, strength and understanding.The Putnam Science star is a legitimate three-tier scorer with a vision on the court, while also being able to serve as a head coach. or secondary to the ball, due to its size and visibility of the field.”

Taylor Bowen on Kuwait University’s radar

KU is recruiting Taylor Bowen, a petite 6-7, 180-pound striker from Brewster Academy in New Hampshire.

Bowen, the 29th player in the recruiting class of 2023 according to Rivals.com, is also considering Iowa, Arkansas, Dock, Providence, among others.

“It’s a very dynamic perspective. It’s a Day 4 talk (Advanced Force), that’s the best way to describe it. Stockrisers.com’s Weingarten wrote of Bowen, an Egyptian national.

Bowen shoots from 40% from behind the arc and over 45% from the field. He is also a defensive threat as he holds more than 2.5 shots per game. He proved his worth at Peach Jam last summer. A week into the event, he was leading the Expressions Basketball for multiple wins and averaged 17.5 points, combined with 9.0 boards and an effective shot ratio of 70%. I’ll focus on his offensive game for a moment. His height, versatility, and overall talent on the offensive end is intimidating. Weingarten wrote: “A three-tier scorer, agile, High IQ, etc.”

“It’s another school with a storied background and they’ve recruited me and sent me drawings every single day,” Bowen told Stockrisers.com of KU. “Getting to know about Kansas and how they’re going to use me has been great so far.”

Kuwait University recruits McCain

KU is recruiting Jared McCain, a 6-2, 175-pound mini combo guard from Centennial High in Corona, California.

McCain, the No. 16 in the enlistment class of 2023 according to Rivals.com, told Stockrisers.com that he’s considering KU, Houston, Louisville, Dock, Texas Tech, USC, UCLA, Gonzaga, and others.

“I feel like I’ve improved a lot defensively and (working on) the first lateral velocity and only working on my first step. Offensively I feel like I’ve improved my mid-range shot and ball handling. I always try to get better at shooting,” he told Stockrisers.com.

Kuwait University Recruitment so far

KU during his early signing stint landed MJ Rice, a 6-5, 200-pound junior senior striker from Prolific Prep in Napa, California, who ranked 23rd in the 2022 class according to Rivals.com, as well as Ernst Ode, a 6-foot-1 senior position and 10 and 230 pounds from Dr. Phillips High School in Orlando, Florida, which is rated #29 by Rivals.com; Grady Dick, a 6-7, 195-pound senior striker from Sunrise Christian Academy in Bel-Air, Kansas, ranked #37 by Rivals.com and Zuby Ejiofor, a 6-8, 215-pound senior striker from Garland (Texas) High School, ranked #47 by Rivals.com.

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