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Laguna Beach Students Can Apply For Festival Of Arts Scholarships

Laguna Beach, CA – Are you or someone in your family an up-and-coming artist in Laguna Beach? The nonprofit announced Friday that applications for the Laguna Beach Arts Festival Scholarship 2022-2023 are now open for local students.

FOA Board Secretary and Head of Scholarships Pat Kolinda said in a statement that the first arts festival scholarship has been awarded in 65 years. Since then, the program’s impact has made its mark on Laguna Beach’s young, up-and-coming artists.

The Arts Festival Scholarship Program supports young artists by giving students the resources to pursue their undergraduate studies in the arts. The highly competitive four-year scholarships are awarded to students who excel in film, performing arts (dance, music, theater arts – including performance and production), visual arts, and writing.

Scholarship awards start at $1,000 and are renewable for a total of four one-year scholarships. Students must reapply each summer for continued scholarship status.

Students are allowed to apply for any or all of the four categories, however, only one scholarship is awarded per student. To apply, students must be a high school graduate and live in Laguna Beach or attend Laguna Beach High School.

“When we started the scholarship program 65 years ago, we could not have foreseen its impact and success in supporting arts education,” Kolinda said in a statement. “This program represents a tremendous opportunity for students considering a career in the arts.”

“We were disappointed with the inability to offer scholarships to high school seniors this past year due to the pandemic and financial constraints, and we very much look forward to being able to offer scholarships to high school seniors again this year.”


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