Home Study Abroad Land Line Now Community Bulletin Board – Jan. 6, 2022

Land Line Now Community Bulletin Board – Jan. 6, 2022

Land Line Now Community Bulletin Board – Jan. 6, 2022

Land Line Now community bulletin board on January 6, 2022.

OUIDA urges truck drivers to participate in the survey

In February, three federal agencies will launch a nine-month vehicle inventory and use questionnaire. Ooida encourages truck drivers to participate. You can find more information here, or call the US Census Bureau at 844-395-4085.

String Law Manual

While chain laws vary by state, you don’t have to spend hours trying to find them. Land Line has developed a comprehensive list of chain law requirements in the United States and Canada.

Insurance refund in Michigan

Truck drivers who have an insured truck or vehicle in Michigan can get a refund of $400 to start the new year. The state has a surplus of money in the Michigan Fund for the Catastrophic Claims Association. If you have questions about a refund, contact your insurance provider.

FMCSA extends emergency declaration in British Columbia

The FMCSA has extended an emergency declaration related to floods and landslides in British Columbia. The order allows Canadian drivers who provide emergency services and essential goods to bypass some FMCSA regulations. It now runs until January 31.

Here is a PDF of the emergency declaration.

Daimler recalls 7000 Western stars

Daimler recalled the affected 2017 model year until 2019 Western Stars. These trucks have a power stud running through the fender, which can cause an electric arc and fire. Slightly more than 7,000 units are affected.

For questions, call Daimler Trucks North America Customer Service at 800-547-0712 with the call number FL-907. The NHTSA number for this recall is 21V-882.

Daimler recalled due to steering problem

Daimler is recalling some Western Star 49X trucks for 2021 and 2022. Some steering columns may not have been installed correctly, which could result in a loss of steering control. About 500 trucks were affected.

For more information, contact DTNA Customer Service at recall number 905. The NHTSA number for this recall is 21V-864.

Idaho begins licensing cannabis shipments and production

The Idaho Department of Agriculture has announced that the USDA has approved and approved the state’s hemp law, which defined “hemp” as distinct from marijuana. This means that truck drivers can move it without having problems with law enforcement.

Learn more here: Idaho begins licensing cannabis shipments and production.

Ooida Mary Johnston Scholarship

Applications are being accepted for the OUIDA Mary Johnston Scholarship. The program awards one scholarship of $2,000 annually and four scholarships of $1,000 annually to children, grandchildren, and legal dependents of OOOIDA members. You can apply through the OUIDA website. Deadline is February 1St.

Great Dane I remember

Great Dane trailers will remember about 3,300 2022 Champion dry vans and Everest refrigerated trailers due to insufficient lubricant in the axle. Owner notice letters are expected to be mailed on February 1. Owners can also contact Great Dane Customer Service for more information.

For questions, contact Great Dane Trailers Customer Service at 877-369-3493. The NHTSA number for this recall is 21V-943.

Pennsylvania introduces new website and app

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has released some updates to the 511PA Traveler Information Service. 511PA is available online, through a smartphone app or you can call 511.

Cummins recalls engines

A recall has been issued for some Cummins X12 diesel engines. Fuel tubes in engines can crack, resulting in a high-pressure fuel leak, increasing the risk of fire.

For questions, call 800-286-6467 with call number C2532.

Daimler recall

Daimler will recall about a hundred 2021 models of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and Freightliner Sprinter. The front axle fender liner and brake hose may be too close, allowing the fender liner to contact and damage the brake hose.

WIT Driver of the Year Awards Nominations

The Women in Trucking Association is asking for nominations for Driver of the Year award. The app is open to any female driver who has safely traveled at least 1 million consecutive miles, accident-free, and made a positive contribution to the trucking industry and her community. The deadline for submission of nominations is 1 February.

You can submit your nomination here.

Mats asks for memories that show your truck

Mid-America Trucking Show is gearing up to celebrate its 50th anniversary. Organizers are asking truck drivers to take a moment to share some memories from past shows. Get all the details on the MATS website.

WIT is seeking nominations

Women in Trucking has launched an open call for nominations for the Outstanding Woman in Logistics Award 2022. The deadline for nominations is February 10th.

The recall affects nearly 3,000 trucks

Daimler Trucks North America is recalling nearly 3,000 trucks from 2020 to 2022 due to a fuel injection system issue. The fuel tubes between the fuel rail and the four, fifth, and sixth cylinder injectors may become tired, which can lead to a high-pressure fuel leak. The call-up begins on February 10.

For questions, call Daimler Trucks Customer Service at 800-547-0712 with the reference number FL-915. The NHTSA number is 21V-965. Read more here: The recall affects nearly 3,000 trucks with a fuel injection system problem.



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