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Large year-end gifts to University of Hawaiʻi Maui College total more than $400,000

Jan 10 2022, 8:53 AM HST
* Updated Jan 10 9:04 AM

Foundations, community associations, and individuals from the community donated more than $400,000 in large year-end gifts to University of Hawaii Maui College.

“Community support and participation makes the difference in universal health coverage.” “It strengthens programs as well as alumni who truly serve our community,” said Jocelyn Romero Demerbag, UH Foundation Development Director, Maui Noi in the fundraising announcement.

The list of major donors is listed below:

To fund scholarships:

  • William and Leona Wilson Scholarship Fund: $10,000 from Kim and Mary Hawkins
  • Tutu Gift and Bob Gift: $10,000 from Teri Liebmann
  • Martha Holani Fukrut Moran Scholarship of $10,000 from David Moran, Ginger Gannon, and Jennifer Sykes
  • Manaiakalani 13th year of Maui: $40,000 anonymous gift through the Hawai’i Community Foundation

To fund the programme:

  • Water Quality Lab: $13,000 from the Robert F. ur
  • Nursing Sculpture Part Two: $20,000 from Dennis and Michelle Clyde
  • Nursing Program: $30,000 from Dennis and Michelle Clyde
  • Nursing Licensing and ATI Program Support: $22,500 from Wailea Community Association
  • Ahupua’a Stewards Leadership Program: $25,000 from the Robert F. Orr Foundation
  • Patricia Jean Adams Memorial Fund for Building Technology: $50,000 from Joe and Jean Adams
  • Dental and health clinics supporting Pacific Islanders: $100,000 from the Freeman Foundation
  • Dental clinic spread: $100,000 from the Hawaii Dental Service Foundation
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“We are grateful for the generosity of these and all donors. “These gifts help us support the Maui Nui community,” said UHMC Consultant Dr. Lowe Hokwana.

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Information about the UH Foundation is available online.



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