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Le Roy High School student awarded QuestBridge scholarship

On December 1, QuestBridge announced the results of its 2021 National College Match, a national program that combines high-achieving, low-income high school seniors with full scholarships for the nation’s top colleges. From a pool of more than 16,500 applicants, of which QuestBridge selected 6,312 finalists, 45 QuestBridge College Partners matched 1,674 finalists, who were recognized as scholarship recipients. This is the largest number of matching scholarship recipients to date for QuestBridge. We are pleased to announce that one of our 1,674 beneficiaries was Le Roy Jr.-Sr. Emily Williams from High School, who received a full scholarship to Amherst College, one of the top liberal colleges in the country. Emily accepted the offer and will attend a major in Educational Studies.

“Before I got to know QuestBridge, I wasn’t even sure if college was a viable goal for me, but now I feel like all my hard work is finally paying off. I look forward to getting the college experience without having to worry about the financial aspect.” – Emily Williams, Lou Roy Jr. Highschool

“Emily has worked incredibly hard to put herself in the driver’s seat to be selected for such a prestigious opportunity at one of the most selective schools in the entire country. She has proven to all of our students that if you take full advantage of every opportunity you can achieve great things. Emily has excelled in a group Variety of advanced placement courses besides being a major contributor to our music program. I really can’t think of a more deserving person to be selected for the QuestBridge National College Match Program than Emily. She has made me feel so proud with our entire school community.” – Austin Dwyer, Lou Roy Jr. High School Counselor

“We are very proud to award Emily this amazing full scholarship to the prestigious Amherst College. Emily’s commitment to academic excellence combined with tremendous passion and talent in music and art has put her in a position to come toe toe with the top students in the country. Evidence of her success can be found in All over our school from excelling in her AP courses to performing in our marching band and concert pit.Her outstanding personality and work ethic go hand in hand with her compassion for others and kind heart.We are so excited for her and her family;This opportunity will truly change her life, and we can’t wait to see it Flying into the next chapter of her life! I’d like to thank QuestBridge for their commitment to attending college students across the country.” Tim McArdle, Lou Roy Jr. High School Principal

From QuestBridge:
Matching scholarship recipients are accepted early into QuestBridge College partners with full four-year scholarships offered by colleges and universities, ensuring these students and their families that an education at a top college can be affordable. The 45 QuestBridge partner colleges include top liberal arts colleges such as Amherst, Pomona, and Williams, and exceptional research universities such as Duke, Princeton, Stanford, UChicago and Yale. The Match Scholarship is offered as part of the college’s generous financial aid package that covers the full cost of attendance, including tuition, room and board, books and supplies, and travel expenses.
This year’s scholarship recipients come from 49 states, as well as the territory of American Samoa, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, and Puerto Rico.

These high school seniors have an unweighted average GPA of 3.93, and are 92% in the top 10% in their graduating class. Financially, 95% come from a household with an annual income of less than $65,000, and 87% qualify for free or reduced-price school meals. The majority of these new QuestBridge scholars – 81% – are among the first generation in their family to attend a four-year college in the United States.
Since 2003, QuestBridge National College Match has linked more than 10,500 students to full scholarships from college partners. These 2021 scholarship recipients become the first QuestBridge Scholars for the class of 2026. Based on previous years, it is estimated that approximately 2,000 finalists will be accepted into QuestBridge College Partners later in the year through early and regular decision-making processes.
All the finalists who are thoughtful and broad-minded leaders, we are proud and excited to help them realize their dreams after college.”
About QuestBridge:

QuestBridge is a national non-profit that connects the nation’s most distinguished and low-income youth with leading institutions of higher education and other life opportunities. By recruiting, developing, and motivating these students – from high school through college to the beginning of their careers – QuestBridge aims to help talented, low-income students enter the best colleges in the country and support them to succeed in their careers and communities.


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