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Lee County School System Celebrates STAR Student and Teacher

Albany, J.A.; (WALB) – Lee County Schools honors its STAR students and teacher.

This year’s winners have helped each other through their professional and academic lives. WALB News 10’s Natalie Morrow was able to talk to them both.

“I’m in 6 classes this year, so it’s definitely a really tough schedule. And then I’m also in choir and theater and I’m at a show at the Albany Theater now called James and the Giant Peach,” my first County and Star Student of the Year, Kelly Kennedy, told me.

Kennedy became STAR Student of the Year after scoring 1520 out of 1600 on her SAT.

“One of the main things I would say to use to study for the SAT is to take a lot of practice exams for sure, I took the SAT a few times just to make sure I got the exact score I wanted in college,” Kennedy said.

Kelly Kennedy – Star Student of the Year(WALB)

Each year, the STAR Student Program selects a teacher who inspired them to be the STAR Teacher of the Year.

“I chose Miss Cash because she is actually one of the best teachers I have ever worked with,” Kennedy said. “She inspired me, as I just said, to want to be an engineer. I did a math arithmetic competition with her when I was in eighth grade, and she really encouraged me to do it and I ended up winning our district competition that year.”

Amy Cash, the Lee County Schools ninth-grade math teacher and STAR Teacher of the Year, said she was thrilled to learn she had been selected.

“I was thrilled when Kelly walked in two weeks ago, they surprised me during class. My boss just knocked on the door and she opened the door and said we had an ad to make Mrs. Cash turned around and saw a bouquet of flowers and saw Kelly,” Cash said.

Cash was first introduced to Kennedy during her first year of teaching.

“I was my first grader in middle school and she was just an amazing student all around and she ran the math arithmetic program that year and was on my math arithmetic team so we got to know each other a little bit more,” Cash said. competitions with my team.

Kennedy went on to use the skills she learned in school to apply to some of the top schools in the country.

“I hope to go to Vanderbilt in college. I haven’t made up my mind yet,” Kennedy said. “I have already been accepted into UGA and Auburn. I am very excited about it. I would like to become a biomedical engineer.”

Both Kennedy and Cash want to let go of these tips.

“Don’t get lost in everyday life here and stress, yeah, you took a test tomorrow or you have to stress a lot because you have a lot to do at home doing homework and things like that. I would say, you know, just enjoy growing because you’ll look back and go, “Man, look at all the things I learned, I gained in that year or those four years in high school and I just appreciate you don’t,” Cash said.

“I would say, you know, there is a lot of pressure on you when you are younger. You know you need to be that way and do this but you really have to find your passion and what you enjoy and really get your help from the teachers,” Kennedy said. who support you a lot.

Lee County Schools are also upgrading their classrooms with new technology.

Cash uses new boards purchased with funds from CARES ACT.

The grant gave a list of items that schools can use to modernize the classroom. These panels also help students learn through various online programs that are linked to their Chrome books.

“Click on the screen and I can see how everyone answered that question. You can see all the answers and see what they are getting and what they are not getting. And then, that’s kind of a jump start to more conversations,” Cash said.

Amy Cash - Star Teacher of the Year
Amy Cash – Star Teacher of the Year(WALB)

Schools across Lee County will receive these boards and faculty and staff will receive appropriate training to learn how to use them.

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