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Legal eagle, math whiz among 4 selected for Rhodes Scholarship

Four students from the Chinese mainland have been selected for the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship to pursue higher education at Oxford University.

Thousands of students around the world apply for the annual scholarship, but only about 100 students go through a rigorous selection process. Those selected from the Chinese mainland are from a range of academic backgrounds, from mathematics to law.

Karina Litong Hong of Guangdong Province is a double major in Mathematics and Physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Christopher Janio Lu is from Shanghai and has been awarded the National Scholarship of China twice and also has a master’s degree at the University of London’s School of Advanced Studies.

Eric Fengquan Wang from Guizhou Province is currently studying at Peking University School of Law. He was awarded the National Scholarship of China in two consecutive years and ranked first in his major at the university. Zhixin Wan from Jiangxi Province is one of the first students of the Master of Arts in International Journalism program at Tsinghua University.

These students will start their academic session from October next year.

“We at Rhodes House are all excited to congratulate the seventh class of Rhodes Scholars from China. They are four extraordinary young people, studying an impressive range of subjects, who have been distinguished for their academic intelligence, leadership potential and commitment to the greatest of all,” said Dr. Elizabeth Case, Executive Director and Director of the Rhodes Trust. Good”.

Launched in 2016, the Rhodes Trust for China program awards scholarships to four outstanding applicants each year. The trust plans to secure more funding to increase the total number of scholarships to 125 by 2028 and to double scholarships for mainland Chinese students from four to eight.

“The four selected scholars, from diverse disciplinary and personal backgrounds, will each embark on a journey to learn what it means to ‘fight the battle of the world,’” said Diana Fu and Mark Jia, national secretaries of the Rhodes Scholarships for the Chinese mainland.

The selection process takes into account academic excellence, character, exceptional leadership, and a commitment to solving the challenges of humanity. The process includes a rigorous review prior to a final interview with a selection panel made up of renowned experts and leaders in a variety of academic fields.

(Cover: From left to right, Eric Fengquan, Zixin Wan, Karina Letong and Christopher Guanyu. / Rhodes Trust)

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