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Lenawee Community Foundation offers 108 scholarship funds that students can apply for

Although university can be expensive, there are many ways to take action to help with the cost. One way is to apply for scholarships.

At the Lenawee Community Foundation, we are very fortunate to have so many kind and generous benefactors. Each year, hundreds of Lenawee students are able to attend university thanks to the generosity of individuals, companies, and organizations willing to help fund their education and make a tangible change in their lives while expanding access to higher education. Many of our scholarships honor and remember our loved ones.

Cynthia Headey is the Director of Development and External Engagement for the Lenawee Community Foundation. Helps individuals, businesses, and organizations achieve their charitable goals for society.

There are currently 108 scholarship funds in the institution to apply to, starting with an “A” for the Brittany E. Ames Scholarship Fund for Girls and ending at a “W” with the Kassie Wingerd Scholarship Fund, with plenty to choose from.

Help yourself put things in order. This is a very busy time for seniors and parents, and getting organized will give you the advantage you may need. Start collecting your achievements – clubs, volunteer activities, sports and choir are just a few – and don’t forget your essay. It’s not just about your GPA and SAT/ACT, reviewers want to know the truth about you. Creating a powerful article may differentiate you from someone with the same credentials. Perhaps there was an obstacle or obstacle that you had to overcome, or a time when things were tough and you won. Add your strengths, weaknesses and values, and in case you don’t know, the scholarship money awarded is not required to be repaid.

Other than the Lenawee Community Foundation, the Lenawee County Education Foundation, your high school counselor, the websites of the colleges you’re considering, and your parents and grandparents for scholarships through their workplace are great resources. Apply for as many as you can and hit the ground running.

If you would like information on how to create opportunities for the future of our community by creating a scholarship fund, the Lenawee Community Foundation is here to help you. You can create a scholarship in the name of a loved one or your family name, and a gift that will last forever.

For more information about scholarships administered by the Lenawee Community Foundation, contact Paula Trentman, Vice President and Director of Scholarships and Programs, at 517-263-4696, paula@lenaweecf.com, or visit our website at www.lenaweecf.com.

The Lenawee Community Foundation works to help people create legacy and invest in Lenawee. You can donate $30 to send fantasy library books to a preschooler for a year, volunteer, leave 10% in your will or trust for Lenawee, give annual gifts to your favorite nonprofits, or give gifts or bequests to your city. Contact the foundation for assistance in creating your legacy. Gifts and Legacies operate in Lenawee County. Now and forever.

Additional information about the Lenawee Community Foundation or any of its programs or services can be obtained by calling 517-263-4696.

Cynthia Headey is the Director of Development and External Engagement for the Lenawee Community Foundation, helping individuals, businesses, and organizations achieve their charitable goals for our community.

This article originally appeared on The Daily Telegram: Lenawee Community Foundation Offers 108 College Scholarships


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