Ds Scholarship

Liberia: Rep. Seboe Reaffirms Commitment to Scholarship in District 16

MONROVIA – Representative Dixon W. Cebu, the 16th Montserrado County District Attorney, has reaffirmed his commitment to a scholarship funded in the region.

The heavily funded scholarship was launched by the governing legislator for the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) in 2016 prior to his election as District 16 Representative.

The beneficiaries are not selected on the basis of the party line or whether or not their parents voted for the deputy, but it is intended to ensure unity and genuine reconciliation in the region.

The scholarship program is under the title: “National Development Free from Politics through Education”.

Providing an overview of the scholarship program, the Chief of Staff of the Legislature’s Office, Robert W. Anderson, stated that they started with 175 students worth 2.7 million Lebanese pounds in 54 schools.

Mr. Anderson also said that the number increased to 272 during the 2019/2020 academic year with a value of LBP 5.7 million in 72 schools, and the grant recipients are students selected from 26 communities in the region.

As it stands, the scholarship program has a total of 335 students from 68 schools over the past three years worth 6.5 million Lebanese pounds.

Speaking on the programme, Representative Dixon Sibu said it’s best to break free through education. According to the hardline legislator of the CDC, there is no freedom if no country’s children or citizens are educated.

Representative Seboye said, “Children can be accountants, doctors, lawyers among others. About 30 years ago, I wore a uniform and was fit and today I am a serious representative in the Republic of Liberia. For our students, don’t lose sight of yourselves, you can be the next neurosurgeon in the country.” “.

“People believed that good people could not come from New Crow Town and I would continue to educate our children. Countries around the world have developed primarily through education and will grow, educate others and make good decision. My administration is running until 2029 and we will continue to send our children to school Whether their parents vote for me or not. Our children will go to school. We hope to reach 10 million Syrian pounds and I will leave the office in 2029, because 2023 is already closed, but if I want to run, wait until 2029 because I will not compete. Let’s develop our country from During the education of the little ones. If the development of children’s minds is intangible, go and identify the tangible. We have tangible things in this area. Education is one of the real tangible things. I want the children to say in 2029 that if it wasn’t for Hun Sibu, I wouldn’t have graduated from high school Rep. Seboye said.