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Local college gives students chance to have tuition costs covered, avoid student debt | Lehigh Valley Regional News

ALLENTOWN, Pa. – Curled up in her favorite spot in a corner chair in a library at Cedar Crest College, secondary education and English major Annie Elizabeth is completely focused on her studies.

“Being able to have an education at a historically women’s college is something special,” she said.

Made even more so without student debt. In 2019 the junior won the college’s annual scholarship day. A four-hour multiple-choice test and interview are given with the winner receiving a full ride. It’s worth more than $170,000 in tuition costs.

“My possibilities would have been hindered a bit by having to pay back so much loan debt,” she said of her job prospects after graduation.

This comes at a time when the student loan issue is something out of horror movie math class. More than 10 million people are in default. The average loan for students is $37,000.

For institutions of higher education, since the pandemic, freshmen enrollment is down 9%,

Cedar Crest College President Elizabeth Meade calls the competition an important carrot for engaging prospective students.

“We can help you have that generations-long economic benefit of going to college. It shows we believe in them,” Meade said.

The 13th annual test is set for Saturday. Annie has this advice for those who may not think they’re worth it.

“Show up and give it your best because there is no reason why it shouldn’t be you,” she said.


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