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LRVC Student of the Month, Jeremy Deschambeault

LRVC Student of the Month, Jeremy Deschampoulet

Jeremy Dechambault

The Lake District Vocational Center student for the month of November is Jeremy Deschampoulet of Fribourg, a member of the Class of 2023.

Parents: Robert and Laura Dechambault

Siblings: Josette, Sienna and Caleb Deschambault

Hobbies: My favorite hobbies are playing video games and shooting.

What program are you in in the career center?I’m in Law Enforcement 2.

What do you like most about your show?My favorite activities in the law enforcement program are running realistic scenarios and practicing self defense training.

What are your plans after graduation? After graduation, I plan to serve in the army.

What are your professional goals?I plan to serve in the military for a few years and receive training there, and then would like to spend the rest of my career in local law enforcement.

Who or what inspired you to follow this path?I have been inspired by the stories of those who risk their lives to protect us and our allies every day.

What advice would you give to future students?I would advise future students to decide what you want to do in the future now, before it is too late.


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