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Lubriderm, National Hispanic Health Foundation Collaborate on Skin Scholarship

Dermatologist Lubriderm, who developed a skincare brand, today announced the launch of the Lubriderm-sponsored skin grant, in collaboration with the Spanish National Health Foundation (NHHF). The scholarship will award a total of $150,000 — 10 individual scholarships of $15,000 each — to United States Hispanic (USH) resident dermatologists and physician-affiliated dermatology students, according to the press release.1

The goal of the sponsored grant, according to Lubriderm, is to help increase USH’s representation and accessibility in the field of dermatology. Only 5% of dermatologists in the United States identify as Hispanic.2 A recent Lubriderm survey also found that more than a quarter of USH consumers have never visited a dermatologist.

“We believe that all consumers should have access to a dermatologist for optimal skin health, yet there are still many health asymmetries and disparities in this area,” said Susan Goldstein, Lubriderm’s director of marketing. “Although it will take time, we hope that the presence of Hispanic dermatologists in the United States will increase and equal representation will be reflected in the field in order to better serve our communities and individuals.”

Hispanic dermatology residents in the United States and physician-affiliated dermatology students, as well as non-USH students and residents interested in serving the Hispanic community, are eligible to apply.

“At NHHF, our primary mission is to support educational activities to improve the health of the Hispanic community,” says Elena Rios, MD, MSPH, President and CEO of the NHHF Foundation and the Spanish National Medical Association. “In partnership with Lubriderm, we are committed in our efforts to help support those pursuing a career in dermatology as well as the Hispanic community in the United States at large.”


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