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Martin Helda Scholarship for Entrepreneurs – Providing


SAN JOSE, CA, USA, January 31, 2022 (Globe Newswire) – Knowledge is a powerful tool that students can use when they become entrepreneurs because it can help them make the best decisions and avoid bad ones. However, the fact of this is that not everyone can afford to attend a university that can help them gain entrepreneurial knowledge. The cost of a quality education is always increasing and not everyone can afford it and Martin Helda understands this struggle which is why he decided to take action and launched the Martin Helda Scholarship Program that can help aspiring entrepreneurs who are not so fortunate. bear the quality of education.

The Martin Helda Scholarship is available to all students currently attending university or high school students who plan to attend university in the future. The application process is simple, with an essay competition on the official scholarship website. In order to apply, students will answer the question: “How will you use the success of your work to improve problems in your field.” The winner with the best answer to the question will be selected, and the deserving student will be awarded funding.

Mr. Hilda is the founder and CEO of All Bay Area Floors, a San Jose company that specializes in commercial flooring and polished concrete. Now, he is a seasoned entrepreneur with many years of experience under his belt and from a young age, he already knew that he wanted to become an entrepreneur. Mr. Hilda understands the pain young entrepreneurs face and wants to help. When asked about the scholarship fund, Martin said, “I started my journey to open my business at the age of 15 as an intern, and I realized the financial hardships students would face when they graduated and tried to launch their own businesses. Many of them would get debt from school while at the same time trying to launch their businesses on the Grounded. Every bit helps, and I hope through my efforts it will also create awareness for other well-established entrepreneurs to give back to our next generation of students as well.”

As an entrepreneur and inclusive family man, Martin understands the difficulties one might encounter on the way to becoming an entrepreneur. It is also aware of the potential risks one can face and the limited opportunities readily available. Through his scholarship program, he hopes to provide aspiring entrepreneurs with the opportunity to earn $1,000 to go into their education. He hopes that he can nurture future generations of entrepreneurs and give an opportunity that he was unable to provide to young students who share the same dream he dreamed of when he was their age.
To learn more about the Ongoing Scholarship Fund, visit the official Martin Helda Scholarships page for all the details.

The scholarship opportunity is now open, applications are being accepted. To submit your application to the scholarship, visit the application page on the official scholarship website to apply. The application deadline is March 15th, and after review, the scholarship winner will be selected by April 15th. Students who have an interest in becoming entrepreneurs and starting their own business after school are encouraged to apply for the scholarship award.

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