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Match rank-order list: One intern reflects on the do’s and don’ts

The path to compiling an ordered list seems difficult. Who better to direct fourth year medical school students and other accomodation applicants to the flight than someone who recently established one?

Oluwabukola “Bukky” Akingbola, DO, MS, is an obstetrics and gynecology intern at the University of Minnesota. Read on for some of her tips for current residency applicants.

And when you’ve finished your ranking list, don’t forget to refer to FREIDA™, the AMA’s comprehensive residency and fellowship database, which includes over 12,000 ACGME-accredited programs and provides a streamlined user experience.

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Akingbola, an AMA member, was fortunate to have the Minnesota game, her top pick, allowing her to pursue many of her non-clinical goals. Looking at some of her other top choices, it might not have been the case, later on. One example of this, she says, is that she wanted to fit into an academically strong residency program, but she also wanted to be able to pursue her academic pursuits.

“I knew I wanted to enroll in an academic programme, but what I would find most important was making sure that learning time or academic time was protected. And when I look back at the programs I interviewed and ranked after #1, that was not necessarily the case in those programmes, Dr. Akingbola said. “That was difficult for me to navigate. When I think about the overall fit of the program, this may not have been the most appropriate one for me.”

Many physician specialties, including obstetrics and gynecology, will be subject to a required number of procedures or the hours they spend in certain services. Entering the drafting of her rank list, Dr. Akinpola said, this was probably a misplaced point of focus because the volume of patients in most urban facilities allows residents to access these numbers.

“I’ve focused a lot on going to a program where I’m going to meet my surgical numbers or ACGME requested numbers,” she said. “I came now to find that, at least in all the programs that [I] Interview with, this is unlikely to be a problem. I would also recommend placing less emphasis on choosing one program over another because of the differences in salary. It is usually well adjusted to fit the cost of living in the area.”

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From the point of view of Dr. Akinbula, if a program thinks of you as a sufficient applicant to be interviewed, you are definitely in the race.

“A trainee was interviewed on a program she wasn’t sure she could fit in with. I told her just put it first, if that’s your best option,” she said. “Some people get caught up in the mindset of ‘I don’t know if they want me as much as I want them’ they liked you enough to be interviewed. Unless you’re a failure at interviewing every single person you’ve interacted with, if you’re confident that the show is your number one, put it first. “.

“There is a lot of fear in the process,” Dr. Akinpola said. “You have to trust yourself and trust that you are making the best decision for yourself.”

Learn with the AMA about tips to help battle rank-list uncertainty.

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Looking at the very article you’re reading, it may seem impossible to fully heed this advice. Dr. Akingbola has spoken with many doctors, colleagues, and faculty and even watched videos on creating a strategically arranged order list. However, in the end, I went with what I felt was right.

“Try not to push too much,” she said. Much easier said than done. The really hard part was getting and getting through the interviews. With the arrangement, you should align with your intuition. Try not to over-analyze each piece.

“I personally recommend: Go with your first picks. I make my own ranking list [in ERAS] and presented it. Don’t change anything at the last minute. Whatever thoughts you had when I put together that original list would probably be true.”

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