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MCC Trustee Leadership Scholarship | News for Fenton, Linden, Holly MI

Mott Community College (MCC) is accepting applications for the 2021 Trustee Leadership Scholarship. This prestigious competitive scholarship is awarded to one graduating senior from each high school within the College district. Each “Trustee Scholar” receives up to two years (62 credits total) of free tuition and fees to attend MCC.

Due to the pandemic, this year’s application process will be completely online. All interested students should start the application process by going to mcc.edu/honors.

Questions regarding the scholarship should be addressed to Kim Giacchina at kim.giacchina@mcc.edu. The application process opens March 8. The application deadline is May 21.

“The Trustee Leadership Scholarship has become a seek-after scholarship county-wide,” said Dr. Brian Ivory, director of the MCC Honors College. “These students represent the best of the graduating seniors in our area.”

Students must meet several criteria in order to be eligible for the Trustee Scholarship award. Scholarships are given to students based on academic achievement as well as demonstrated leadership abilities and community engagement activities. Additionally, student recipients must have graduated high school by June 28, 2021 in order to be eligible.

To be eligible, students must:

Graduate from high school by June 28 of 2021

•Have a minimum cumulative grade average point of 3.0 or better

•Enroll at MCC in the academic year immediate following high school graduation (Fall 2021)

Scholarship requirements include:

•Attending the Trustee Scholars orientation event

Enrolling full-time in both the fall and winter semesters

Enrolling in one Honors course in the first semester

Completing any required developmental courses during the summer and/or fall semester of the first year receiving the scholarship

Trustee Scholars are directly admitted into MCC’s Honors College and are eligible to renew the scholarship for the second year upon achieving a 2.75 grade point average or higher.

Mott Community College is committed to excellence in education and offering services that cultivate student success and improve the overall quality of life in a multicultural community.



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