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McMaster supports free technical college during conference in Myrtle Beach

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster announced plans in November to help pay for two years of technical college in order to help train people for high-demand jobs.

On Friday, he expressed annual support as the keynote speaker for the South Carolina Technical Education Association conference in Myrtle Beach.

In November, McMaster said he wants to spend $17 million of the COVID-19 education relief money for Workforce Scholarships along with $124 million in American Rescue Plan funds through June of 2024.

“There are a wide variety of skills, talent and education in the technical college system,” said McMaster.

From welding and linework to commercial trucking there is a wide field of job opportunities in South Carolina for the next generation of workers.

McMaster along with members of the Technical Education Association hopes this program will help thousands of students.

“These jobs that I’m proposing and setting money aside those are in high demand,” said McMaster.

Currently, there are 16 technical schools in South Carolina which include Horry-Georgetown and Florence-Darlington technical colleges.

South Carolina Technical Education Association President-Elect, Bruce McCord said many schools looking to expand their manufacturing, healthcare, computer science and information technology programs as the job demand in those fields grow.

“These are incredibly lucrative fields,” said McCord.

With all this money set aside, McMaster and McCord hope these newly trained workers will keep their trade in the state as we continue to grow.

“We know there’s high demand. We’ve got over 100,000 jobs looking for people. We just need to get them trained,” said McMaster.

Students do not have to apply for the Workforce Scholarships if enrolled in a qualified program. The scholarship will automatically be applied after applying all other scholarships or grants.

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