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Meet the 2022 LPSS Students of the Year: ‘True picture of what we want for our students’ | Education

For students of the year 2022 in the Lafayette Parish school system, kindness, being a supportive fellow and a positive attitude are just as important as pushing themselves to achieve their best academics, said their principals and school staff.

Each year, the Lafayette Parish School System names the Student of the Year in the elementary, middle, and high school categories, following the choices at each school. Each student at each school submits a written essay and student portfolio and is interviewed by a panel of retired teachers and administrators for consideration.

District 2022 honorees are 5th grade Myrtle Place Elementary Adeline Hoffbauer, 8th grade Paul Breaux Middle School Lincoln Trumps, and Avril Orme, an Early College Academy senior.

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The three students will apply to represent the LPSS at the regional level.

Myrtle Place Principal Catherine Briselle said Adeline Hoffpauir has the kind of bright smile that catches your eye and brightens up your day on campus. Briselle said she is a considerate and helpful student and fellow, always watching for opportunities to help others and taking the initiative to help without being asked.

Chancellor Kim Myers said Adeline is an avid reader who consistently tops Advanced Reader competitions and ranks first in reading at school. In addition to strong academics, she is a well-rounded, thoughtful, and kind child who is sought after by her peers for advice, help in class, and help with conflict resolution.

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“I think it is the true picture of what we want our students to be and how we want them to learn, and how we want them to present themselves as an adult. She is an exemplary citizen in the social side and the academic side as well. She does her best to help others and do things that she knows are right,” Myers said. Always correct, even when no one is watching.”

Stephanie Harris, Paul Breaux’s professor, said Lincoln Trump, like Adeline, is a role model that his peers look up to academically and personally.

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When the school team surprised Lincoln with news of the honor, his classmates cheered loudly and a couple of friends stood up to shake hands with him and share how proud they were of him. Harris and school principal Catherine Rayburn said that the sincerity of Lincoln’s joy of children speaks volumes about his impact on campus.

Jacalip Smith and Caleb Franklin, both sophomores at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, said they felt at home from the moment they arrived…

Harris said Lincoln is a fast and engaged student, striving to learn beyond what is required for class and taking failures and mistakes one step further to continue to push himself forward.

“He has a strong sense not only of himself but of a strong sense of community.” Rayburn said, “He aspired to become a United States Senator one day… and after interviewing this child, he left me no doubt that his name would one day be What’s on the ballot paper because he wants to do good.”

When Avril Orme was named the district’s top high school student, Early College Academy Director Alex Melton said he was proud, but not surprised.

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After interviewing Ormi for the school-wide honor, Melton said the teen exuded a sense of calm leadership, honesty and positivity that attracted attention. A member of several clubs on campus, including the Beta Club and Health Club, Avril is the behind-the-scenes worker bee who makes the wheels spin but doesn’t ask for recognition, he said.

The principal had excellent grades and a range of academic achievements, but in her interview she did not claim sole credit for her accomplishments, reflecting the importance of the family and the support system that helped her persevere through challenges to reach her goals, the principal said.

“You want your kids to be around kids like this and follow the same values. She’s an amazing student and a wonderful kid….There’s a weak point with Avril and a quiet confidence that really shows,” Milton said.


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