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Meet the MBA Class of 2023: Tanvi Seth, Georgetown (McDonough)

“An old soul that always aspires to learn, guide and design.”

hometown: Fremont, California

Fun fact about yourself: During quarantine, my cousin started an educational community for people of all ages and backgrounds to master languages ​​like Chinese, French and Spanish. With the rapidly growing student population and the growing virtual global learning environment, there was a need to create an online learning platform. With my knowledge of UX/UI practices, I was able to design a cohesive and engaging website. To this day, the student community continues to grow!

Undergraduate school and major: Drexel University, Lippo School of Business with a major in Marketing, Analytics and Management Information Systems

Latest Job Title and Employer: Johnson & Johnson, Head of Technology Solutions

What excites you the most about studying in Washington, DC? Much! I’ve always wanted to live in a city, let alone a very progressive one, add that and the charm of Georgetown neighborhood – looking forward to the next couple of years!

Aside from your classmates and location, what was the major part of Georgetown McDonough’s MBA programming that led you to choose this business school and why was it so important to you? While researching business schools, I hoped for a program whose mission closely aligned with my values. Specifically, I believed that an effective and incorruptible leader does not depend on a title or role, but on his ability to influence the surrounding community in a small but influential way. As a leader, I want to create an environment that is attractive and safe for women, specifically in the tech industry. Georgetown’s Cura Personalis, or care for the individual as a whole, can be felt through the various program initiatives, all of which are equally important in shaping my success to be a leader. Additionally, I was looking for a program with small and inclusive class sizes where I knew all my classmates by name. While I may not yet know all of my 250 peers by name, I already know 60 of my peers in my group in just a month.

What course, club, or activity excites you the most at Georgetown McDonough? There are many activities and clubs that I would be happy to participate in over the next two years at McDonough. While I am looking forward to the Mentorship and Business Graduate Program, I am looking forward to the Georgetown Advisory Club. I came to Georgetown with limited knowledge of what it takes to succeed in a consulting career and now look forward to learning about the new and exciting challenges that come with it!

Describe your biggest career achievement to date: Mentoring has always played an important role in my personal and professional career. During my time at Johnson & Johnson, I and a few others created a program to support interns and co-ops as they enter the technology sector at a company. Among the many initiatives, the development of a mentorship program has been by far the most beneficial. We have built more than 50 working relationships with interns/collaborators and their mentors who were current or recent graduates of the Technology Leadership Development Program. Creating a standardized working relationship not only enhanced the professional experiences of both the interns and the co-ops, but was also a huge motivator in their decision to apply full time. Even more surprising was the positive feedback we received from women who found such a mentorship program to be an area of ​​support and comfort when it came to being part of a male-dominated industry.

How has COVID-19 changed your view of your career and life in general? As individuals, we often seek the next job title, position, or dollar value. While there’s nothing wrong with pursuing this, COVID-19 has given me a much-needed pause in my career to ask myself if what I’ve been doing on a daily basis is contributing to society in the way I’ve always wished. Then, through pen to paper, I wrote down three values ​​that I am most passionate about: mentorship, determination, and continuous growth. Since then, she has made a self-promise to build a career based on these values.

What prompted you to pursue an MBA at this point and what do you hope to do after graduation? Even during my college years, the decision to enter an MBA school was always easy. Personally, I strive for opportunities with high learning curves where I can break out of my comfort zone and take on something new. Additionally, I think the strongest candidate is “good at many things, not good at just one thing”. Through the Johnson & Johnson Technology Leadership Development Program, I have had the opportunity to venture into different technology roles, which have allowed me to build a wide range of technical skill sets and build on my professional network. With the development program over, I knew I wanted to pursue a career in a similar learning environment and thus it inspired me to continue my career in consulting. Specifically, I want to be a product design strategist while simultaneously developing or improving mentoring programs. Getting to the next stop in my career journey, I knew that earning an MBA would provide me with a basic understanding of the various components of business, provide me with a lifelong network and prepare me for a successful career in consulting.

What other MBA programs have you applied to? Vanderbilt, University of Washington

What advice would you give to help prospective applicants gain admission into the Georgetown McDonough University MBA program? Find out and highlight the part of your story that makes you unique, and don’t try to change your story into what you think the admissions office would like to hear. In other words, be honest with who you are. What you might find a story unoriginal or plain, others find to be colorful and full of possibilities.


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