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Meet up locations for Car Caravans for Safety and other important info

Important update for tomorrow: Send a message the mayor can’t ignore

Yesterday, we presented the mayor with a blanket proposal that would allow us to safely begin teaching this week. We are still at the negotiating table, working hard to come to an agreement. If we close again tomorrow, we will be showing the mayor how determined we are to improve the safety of our schools.

CPS schools know that we are trying to work and teach remotely and that we are ready to do our homework. But, if they close tomorrow, we’ll use our lunch and prep time to hold caravanserais across town. We’ll meet at City Hall so the mayor and all of Chicago know that our pursuit of safety continues. This is a crucial time for us to show the strength of the CTU and our solidarity, with an overwhelming display of unity that Mayor Lightfoot will not be able to ignore.

We will meet with our colleagues, family and community members in the morning and join one of the feeding caravans from across town that will head downtown.

Today’s details:

8 – 10 am: Gather in your schools to “teach” together. Set up a schedule, connect with parents, and help families register their students for a COVID test in English or Spanish. Walk around the neighborhood with this post, and encourage parents and the community to join your caravan. Our families are with us.

Coordination of meeting time: Meet at your school (or meet-up location in your area, full list in composition) for a lunchtime caravan. Decorate your cars with these homemade flyers or banners. Get out of your community in time to arrive at 12 noon at City Hall.

The convoy meets the sites

the noon: Members of our auto convoys gather to meet at town hall.

Our unity and determination work, but we must put on a solid show of strength. With the spread of Covid in our communities, nothing is more important to our students, families and schools.

A mayor is someone who holds teachers, staff, children, and their families hostage, depriving them of instructions with its ridiculous focus on “no distance learning” — no matter what the science says, no matter what the cost will be to our students, health, and schools. We must continue to fight with the strength, unity and determination we have shown throughout the year.

Remember, when we stay united and stand together, we win. Decorate your car or truck, wear red, make some noise and be happy in the fight for the right one.

See you tomorrow at City Hall!


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