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Missouri 4-H Foundation Accepting Scholarships Applications

The Missouri 4-H Foundation accepts scholarship applications from current or former Missouri 4-H members to pursue post-secondary education. Applications are due March 1, 2022.

Missouri 4-H youths are encouraged to display their personal growth and development as well as career goals in their scholarship applications.

“For more than 70 years, the Missouri 4-H Foundation, our donors, and our partner organizations have supported 4-H’ers as they pursue their educational goals,” said Rachel Augustine, Director of the Missouri 4-H Foundation. “We are proud to offer scholarships that recognize the achievements of Missouri 4-H youths.”

This year, more than $85,000 — the highest ever — will be awarded to current or former members of Missouri 4-H, Augustine said. List of scholarships available? Click here for details.

About Missouri 4-H

Over 55,000 strong members, Missouri 4-H is an energetic and dynamic organization for young people who are learning, growing, and poised to be the leaders of today and tomorrow while making a real difference in their community, country, and world. 4-H is the University of Missouri’s Youth Development Program and National Cooperative Extension System. For more information, visit 4h.missouri.edu.

About the Missouri 4-H . Foundation

The Missouri 4-H Foundation is the special resource partner of the University of Missouri’s 4-H Center for Youth Development. For more than 70 years, the Foundation has secured and managed funds for Missouri 4-H, provided higher education scholarships, recognized 4-H volunteers and supported the work of MU Extension 4-H. Learn more at 4h.missouri.edu/foundation.

All above details have been provided by MU Extension news: extension.missouri.edu/news

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