Home Career Advice Mitchell’s WKU Experience Includes Sports Psychology, Involvement, and Disney

Mitchell’s WKU Experience Includes Sports Psychology, Involvement, and Disney

Mitchell’s WKU Experience Includes Sports Psychology, Involvement, and Disney

When a student chooses to come to WKU, the goal is to capture the Hilltopper Spirit and plan a unique journey. Some of the most common advice first-year students receive is “Share!”

Kidd Mitchell, a psychologist from Mount Juliet, Tennessee, uses his time on The Hill to try everything he can and learn as much as possible along the way.

WKU has always been a part of Mitchell’s life. “My parents used to attend when they were in college in the ’90s. I always loved visiting campus as a kid and going to campus every day is so cool because it’s so beautiful. I love how easy it is to get into things at WKU because everyone is so kind.”

Mitchell is a psychologist with a particular interest in the field of sports psychology.

“I chose Psychology because I have always been interested in learning more about how people process different things and how this affects their identity. It is a very interesting subject for me, and I love to learn more and more about it in each class. My favorite class so far has been Sports Psychology with Dr. Weininger. I have loved sports ever since before I even remember seeing the psychology dealing with sports being so much fun for me.”

After graduating this fall, Mitchell says he wants to “open my own counseling/therapy office and help people who may be having problems in their lives. One day, I want to get into sports psychology and maybe work with a professional baseball team.”

This semester, Mitchell is away from WKU and is spending the semester with the Disney College Program. He works at the Magic Kingdom in Pinocchio Village Haus. WKU is credited with making him more outgoing and more open while working at Disney.

“My experience at WKU and here at Disney has made me a much more like a person. I have met a lot of people at WKU and Disney which made me understand a lot about the world and different people’s experiences in life. It is very easy to apply psychology in everyday situations because it is such an integral part of life. Being at Disney and going to the amusement parks and knowing how happy it is makes people happy to try it every day.”

Despite being in “the most magical place on earth,” Mitchell is looking forward to returning to Bowling Green soon.

“The best part of my WKU experience so far has been living with my roommates in Columns and rushing in at Lambda Chi Alpha. My roommates in Columns and siblings at Lambda Chi Alpha have become my best friends, and I can’t wait to go back and hang out with them all.”

The Department of Psychology at the College of Education and Behavioral Sciences awards a Bachelor of Arts degree. A student can choose a concentration that is Sports Psychology or Forensic Psychology. Postgraduate and doctoral programs in Psychology are also available. Learn more at wku.edu/psychology.




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