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Monadnock Ledger-Transcript – Taylor Ratcliffe: Over in Rindge – Snow White’s amazing journey

Ingalls Memorial Library over in Rindge is now hosting a special guest for story hour.

Snow White, a certified therapy dog ​​who was once rescued from neglect, is joining Youth Librarian Jenny Migotsky as she reads to local children on Wednesday mornings. I could stop there, but the details of Snow White’s journey really should be shared.

Rosemary Weidner says she is glad her yellow Labrador mix, Snow White, is a squirrel-chaser — she’s an ace at keeping them away from the bird feeders in their yard. Though judging by her gentle demeanor, Snow White seems more likely to want to hug a squirrel than to harm one.

The first time my youngest daughter and I met Snow White, we had her all to ourselves as the lone guests at Story Hour that day. It was the perfect chance for my daughter to snuggle up with her new friend and for me to chat with Rosemary about her very special animal.

Snow White hails from Arkansas, where she was found by Lucky Pup Rescue of Maine. The group had already filled its van to the brim with needy animals and was heading out of town when an emaciated cream-colored Lab mix was spotted by the crew. Despite having met their quota, they could not leave the poor animal behind and decided to rescue this one last dog.

Unbeknownst to the crew, their newest rescue was not exactly traveling solo. Although Snow White, as she was quickly dubbed, was very thin and frail, she delivered 11 puppies the following day! It was a complete shock to the crew and the veterinarian who assisted, as Snow White was too weak to care for her new litter. These pups, all fittingly named after Disney characters, were as fortunate as their mother to be in the hands of the kind folks who changed their fate forever.

Today, Snow White is one busy canine! In addition to Story Hour gigs at both the libraries in Rindge and Dublin, this fab Lab brings her tender service to the Cheshire House of Corrections as a visiting certified therapy dog, drawing out a gentleness in the inmates she meets.

Our second time meeting Snow White and Rosemary was at a much busier Story Hour in Rindge. As I looked on at the lively group, I couldn’t help but to smile at what I saw – 11 young children surrounding dear Snow White as Jenny shared books and songs. (I counted three times to be sure!) All of them busy singing, jumping and rolling around. A patient Snow White even happily took part in “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” as the children circled around to tap along on her! It was pretty neat.

Come join Snow White at the Ingalls Memorial Library for Story Hour on Wednesdays at 10:30 am Please remember to support your local library and causes that rescue neglected animals. If you have an interesting Rindge story to share, email me at rindgecommcorr@yahoo.com.

MLK scholarship opportunity

MilliporeSigma of Jaffrey and the Jaffrey-RindgeMLK Committee have partnered to develop the MilliporeSigma-MLK Student Service Scholarships. These scholarships will provide two graduating seniors who reside in Jaffrey or Rindge with a $1500 scholarship to be applied to further education or training beyond high school graduation.

Generated in the spirit of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s focus on the importance of service, this scholarship opportunity is open to student communities who can demonstrate a commitment and dedication to service both in this community and outside of Jaffrey and Rindge.

All Jaffrey and Rindge residents are urged to apply, including public-school, homeschooled and private-school students. MilliporeSigma-MLK Student Service Scholarship applications are available at the Conant High School Guidance Department, Ingalls Memorial Library, Jaffrey Public Library and on the MLK Celebration Jaffrey-RindgeFacebook page. Application deadline is April 22.

The Monadnock Ledger-Transcript is continuing to seek community correspondents for our towns. If interested, send an email to editor Bill Fonda at bfonda@ledgertranscript.com.



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