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Moody Coliseum new possible February completion date

The Moody Coliseum is now expected to be completed by February, according to Kevin Campbell, senior vice president of operations.

The project overall went very smoothly despite shipping hiccups and weather delays. Currently, the locker rooms are ahead of schedule, but the sitting pot is still behind schedule.

“It’s hard to predict when we’re going to open the sitting bowl,” Campbell said.

Additionally, the HVAC system is currently behind schedule due to shipping delays. Despite this, some athletes were already able to see progress in their new grandstand which they would consider their home in.

“We’ve always talked about the two-stage opening,” Campbell said.“These two phases will start with the opening of the seating bowl, which we hope will be in February, and the second event will be the completion of the project which is still slated for summer 2022.”

The first event expected at the new Moody Coliseum is a basketball or chapel game, depending on the fixture schedule. After that, Campbell hopes that Sing Song will follow him and graduate.

“The goal of this project is to have several basketball games, sing sung, and graduations,” Campbell said. “We also want the chapel to reopen in some capacity, and the first event will probably be a basketball game or chapel.”

Athletes were recently able to tour the construction site, due to the changing rooms being well ahead of schedule. Camryn Mraz, a senior basketball player and Rodgers psychologist, was able to walk through the locker rooms.

“I think the new Modi will definitely help our season,” said Mraz. “Acquiring the new Moody will provide an extra focus on protecting our stadium and make our fans proud.”

Despite the challenges, Moody is still expected to open at full capacity in the summer of 2022. Campbell is grateful for how smoothly the project has gone.

“Overall, we’re very happy with the way things are going,” Campbell said. “We knew early on that this was a very difficult project with a very tight schedule. The construction and design team has mobilized to solve these obstacles.”


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