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More curated programming is needed for diverse and underrepresented groups on Canadian campuses — University Affairs

Acting as models for society, the higher education community must try to be ahead of the curve and act accordingly.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives (EDI) in Canadian higher education institutions are organized around laws such as the Canadian EDI Charter, the Canadian Multiculturalism Act, the Charter of Rights and Freedom, the Employment Equality Act, and Canadian Human Rights. Act. According to Universities Canada, these frameworks define diverse and unrepresented groups and minorities according to: gender, diverse people, sexually diverse people, people with disabilities, people who identify as women, and indigenous peoples.

Acting as models for society, the higher education community must try to be ahead of the curve and act accordingly. One way to go forward is to partition the diverse or underrepresented groups and manipulate them individually through coordinate programming, as follows:

1. Diverse and Underrepresented Existing Groups

These programs will only need to expand and expand. They include: cluster employment initiatives, such as at the University of Waterloo, that specifically target groups with low racial representation; University of Regina Queer Initiative; Université du Quebec a Rimouski Master’s Program in Workplace Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.

Higher education institutions should develop a general course that addresses only diversity and inclusion. It must be taken at all levels, including undergraduate and postgraduate. Course work will focus on diverse groups and inclusion strategies. To complete course work as a prerequisite, students must undertake a three-week project in which they spend time with a selected variety.

2. Expand your assorted collections

This includes LGBTQQIAP2S+ i.e. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Gay, Interrogative, Bisexual, Asexual, and Gendered. The acronym is only increasing (first it was LGBT, then LGBTQ).. The current programs of this group are the annual Pride Clinic at Centennial College and Spectrum Fanshawe at Fanshawe College. Administrative restructuring is needed to extend these programs to a diverse + direct sexual forum or network where both LGBTQQIAP2S+ interact. The goal is to implement the integration of these groups and not make them stand out as isolated and distant from society. So in such forums we have both diverse and upright nationalities in leadership positions and thus work together for integration. This accommodates at the same time the height of sexually diverse groups.

3. The upcoming miscellaneous groups excluded

These are the groups that have not been addressed, as well as the groups that have been pre-empted. They need to develop a new program. Administratively, in order to eliminate religious and cultural stereotyping and small groups, institutions must be aware of the different religious groups that exist among their staff and students. The principal can develop a new social program such as the development of a religious or cultural friendly restaurant to cater for different religious dietary needs, an interfaith dialogue group, or an interfaith or cultural exhibition center – such as a small museum.

PWD are adequately accommodated by existing policies, however, the disadvantaged group that is ignored is the technologically illiterate. In 2019, Harvard Business Review ranked Canada as one of the top 10 countries for business and technology. With increasing acceptance of students from developing countries whose level of technological development and exposure is lower than Canada, universities should implement a one-month technology incubation or induction program.

Developing all of these programs would help promote inclusion for these groups and create a sense of belonging.

Emmanuel Douglas is the Assistant Director of Education (Partnerships and Globalization) at Skylinepay Consulting. Participate in higher education projects that integrate digital technology into education management and delivery processes.

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