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New Book Out Today Guiding Educators on Using Goals to Amplify Student Learning

The research-based guide provides a framework that links the practices of effective teachers in ways that help better engage students with high-quality instruction. It weaves research and case studies with practical strategies to demonstrate how setting goals, with clear educational intent and plenty of enhanced support from teachers, can lead to high educational growth and student agency; It includes instructions on how to coach students by setting their own goals – reassess and celebrate along the way.

“Now more than ever, students need to be involved in their goals in order to learn. This book demonstrates how goal setting can be a critical way to realize students’ potential,” Chris MinichCEO of NWEA. Nordengren provides research-backed evidence along with valuable advice to all teachers on the power of goal setting to enhance learning, motivate students, and create long-term knowledge that helps students succeed.

“Goal setting is about taking concrete learning steps that can motivate students. Goals provide students with the opportunity to take charge of their own learning, connect what they are studying to their long-term ambitions, and experience success no matter what grade level or above their current knowledge sits,” Nordengren said. At a particularly timely time as students and educators deal with challenges such as the pandemic, the increasing rate at which students are moving between different schools and different school districts, and the challenging emotional pressures of growing up in the 21st century.”

Chase Nordengren, PhD is a senior research scientist at NWEA, where he supports the professional learning team. His research includes the development and implementation of needs assessment services and program evaluation for partners. Supporting school improvement processes; and intellectual leadership in formative assessment and student goal-setting practices. With insatiable curiosity, Chase works closely with leading scholars from around the world to transform theory into actionable practices to drive educational improvement. He received his Ph.D. in Leadership, Policy, and Organizations in K-12 Systems from University of Washington As a pre-doctoral fellow at the Institute of Educational Sciences of the US Department of Education.

“Step to Student Goal Setting” by Chase Nordengren Available to order through Corwin Publishing Company or Amazon.

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NWE® (formerly the Northwest Evaluation Association) is a mission-driven not-for-profit organization that supports students and educators in more than 146 countries through research, assessment solutions, policy services, advocacy, professional learning, and school improvement services that fight for equity, drive classroom impact and push for change. methodology in our educational societies. visit NWEA.org Learn more about how we partner with teachers to help all children learn.

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