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New Kansas scholarship offers free community college for students in sought after fields

(Achison, KS) A new scholarship in Kansas that gives community college students in high-demand fields a free education.

The Kansas Promise Scholarship motivates students to develop skills in sought-after careers at community colleges and technical colleges by paying students tuition, books, and required program materials and requiring them to remain and work in the state for two years after graduation.

The $10 million scholarship was signed into law in April by Governor Laura Kelly. The scholarship is designed to keep skilled workers in the state after completing their talent program.

“It’s a huge boost from Kansas because we have a labor shortage in general, but we have a real shortage of trained workers. So this scholarship puts the burden on not only because we want to train you here, but we want to train you here, but we’re dean of the Highland Community College Technical Center,” said Lucas Hunziger, dean of the Highland Community College Technical Center. I want you to stay and work here in Kansas.”

If students do not live and work in Kansas for two years after graduation, the state said students must repay scholarship money plus interest.

Eligible colleges across Kansas participate in the scholarship, including the Highland Community College Technical Center.

About 20 students are enrolled in the scholarship this semester, according to the dean of the technical centre, Lucas Hunziger.

Hunziger said, “This scholarship also includes some dollars that can be paid for the tools required for their trade and training. So, not only do they receive the education but the equipment they need for training as well. A great opportunity as well.”

Eligible programs must be divided into four areas: Information Technology and Security. mental and physical health care; advanced construction and manufacturing trade; or early childhood education and development.

10 of 14 programs offered at Highland Community College Technical Center are eligible for the scholarship and 5 of 6 programs at the Western Campus in Belleville are also eligible.

Students must apply for the FAFSA to be considered for the scholarship.

Eligible students must be residents of Kansas and hold a GED or high school diploma, or be at least 21 years old and have lived in the state for three years. There are also some exceptions for children of military personnel.

Hunziger said the scholarship paves the way for more people to receive a quality education they wouldn’t otherwise be able to and boosts the state’s shortage of trained labor. He said it was a win.

“I think this removes a lot of barriers for students who may have financial concerns, and who don’t have the means to come to school,” Hunziger said, “We have been encouraging students to take advantage of this opportunity to get out of school debt free, jump straight into their field and help. in making Kansas a better place for you.”

For more information about eligible programs and requirements, click here.

To apply for the Kansas Promise Scholarship, click here.


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