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New student board looks forward to serving teens | Lifestyle

After a week sworn in as this year’s island-wide student council, members are looking to make a difference in the community.

The board’s public relations officer, John Pineda, anticipates his future endeavors, “knowing that I have the opportunity to make the students’ voices heard and the opportunity to make a difference.”

Board Chair Sophie Noschfranka, a student at John F. Kennedy High School, has joined the Board of Directors to represent her school and faculty who have voiced complaints about the current education system.

“I’ve always been interested in the affairs between the Guam legislature and the GDOE,” Noshfranca said.

Pineda, a high school student at George Washington School, is also paving the way to represent his school in the future.

“I wanted to give GW a good and strong representative this school year, and recruit strong students for the next IBOGS course representing GW,” Pineda said.

Amy Bowett, JFK Senior, is also looking to the future. “I have always wanted to make my mark on the island and help future generations of students,” Bowett said.

Ryae Anne Cosca, a student at Simon Sanchez High School, echoed their observations. “I want to be the voice of my school, especially for students who feel they are not being heard,” Koska said.

“I had some friends who were at IBOGS and hearing them talk about the things they do and seeing the projects they were a part of only got me more interested,” said Grace Ann Dela Cruz, Vice President of IBOGS.

Work with the advisor

Koska noted that the board’s experience was better by working with a specialist advisor.

“Although I’m not an officer, it’s really an honor to work with Maria Gutierrez and the rest of the IBOGS members,” she said.

Grace Ann Dela Cruz, Vice Chairman and Senior Officer Simon Sanchez, will also work closely with Gutierrez.

“One thing I am definitely looking forward to is working more with Ms. Gutierrez. She is an absolute sweetheart,” she said. “Being able to work with her and seeing her passion for making sure the student’s voice is heard inspires me to continue pushing for change and supporting students across the island.”

future candidatesBoard members are already encouraging other students to apply for next year’s position and advise.

“Missing every opportunity that comes to you does more harm than being rejected,” Koska said. “There is nothing wrong with trying, it is better to do your best.”

IBOGS representative Zekiya Mapilisan believes that leaders are built through passion and perseverance.

“Leadership is an advocate of change and trust. Nobody is born a robotic leader,” said Okudo High School student Zakia Mabelisan. “They are built through passion and perseverance,” she added.

“The most important step to take is step one. Whatever you think is getting in your way, ignore it all,” Bowett said. “Take that first step and the path ahead will reveal itself.”

“Either you are confident in the way you talk about your ideas or confident in your skills. You are your main supporter,” said actress Isabella Bako, a student at Tian Junior High School.

Phoebe intern Samantha Billett is also a member of the Ausland-wide Student Council.


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