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New Website Supports Prospective Supply Chain Management Students

CHARLESTON, SC, June 9, 2022 — A South Carolina higher education media company announced the launch of a new website, SupplyChainGuide.org, to help prospective students and professionals interested in pursuing a degree in supply chain management and logistics learn more about the burgeoning field. The website serves as a free resource for people searching for educational and career opportunities in an industry that is estimated to grow by 30% over the next decade, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

SupplyChainGuide.org is a thorough online guide covering the higher education landscape and career opportunities in supply chain management and related fields, and provides information on the 700 university degree programs at nearly 300 schools nationwide for prospective students.

The website hosts additional information, including:

– A directory of supply chain degree programs organized by program level, academic specialty, location, and delivery. This function allows prospective students to search for information about various degree programs from bachelor’s to PhD in supply chain management, logistics, operations management, supply chain analytics, and more.

– Insights into the numerous educational opportunities available to students, including advice on how to navigate their options.

– Extensive career guides that explore job opportunities and requirements, long-term employment outlooks, and salary projects.

“The pandemic shined a light on how crucial the supply chain is to daily life. As a result of supply chain related topics making headlines, people are curious to learn more about career opportunities in the industry,” said the project lead. “Until now, there had been a lack of informational resources dedicated to higher education opportunities. This void motivated us to launch SupplyChainGuide.org with the mission to make it easier for people to pursue a future in this critical industry.”

About Supply Chain Guide

Supply Chain Guide is a project of Informed Academics based out of the Charleston, South Carolina area. The team consists of supply chain and logistics professionals with decades of combined experience, higher education publishers, and more. Visit the website for more information on the team and project.






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