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Nigerian Lady Gets Scholarship from same Organisation which Earlier Rejected Her Application ▷ Nigeria news

  • A Nigerian woman said she received a rejection letter from a UK-based charity founded in 1979 that provides scholarships to less fortunate students.
  • But in a miraculous turn, the same organization whose application was rejected sent another mail informing her of an offer of a fully funded scholarship in the UK.
  • She said it all happened within a month and she is now pursuing a Masters in Public Health in the UK under the scholarship

In what can be described as a miraculous turn of events, a Nigerian woman recounted how she was awarded a large scholarship from an organization whose application had been rejected earlier.

The woman identified as Onome Etim said she had received a rejection letter from the Allan & Nesta Ferguson Charitable Trust, a UK-based scholarship body that offers a helping hand to less fortunate students who want to study abroad.

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Miracle: a Nigerian woman gets a scholarship from the same team that rejected her application earlier
Onome Etim who was awarded a scholarship by the same team that rejected her application earlier. Credit: Onome Etim / LinkedIn
Source: UGC

She said that what followed the rejection letter shocked her because one month later, she received another email from the same body informing her of his acceptance into a fully funded scholarship in the UK.

In a story she shared on LinkedIn, she wrote:

“About 5 months ago, I received my last scholarship rejection letter. I felt a mix of feelings, and the content wasn’t the same. I actually accepted the fact of starting another round of applications when God said no.

“Exactly one month after that rejection letter, I woke up to an offer from the same scholarship team. By the special grace of God, I am currently pursuing an MSc in Public Health in International Development at a Russel Group School in the UK, fully funded by the reputable Allan and Nesta Ferguson Fund Charitable.

Its followers say flexibility is key

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Her inspiring story has attracted huge reactions from her followers, many of whom said that determination and resilience always pays off. One of her followers, Peter Cole C. O’Neill commented:

“This is really beautiful and inspiring Onome! Resilience is really strong. It’s not easy to keep going, but there’s nothing to lose from trying again and everything to lose from giving in. Thank you for not giving up. I hope the days to come are loads of more. Successes and victories. Cheers!”

I will help others as a way to give back, Oomeme vows

Onome has promised to help others who would like to be like her. She said:

“To give back, I will be reviewing the application essays for 3 graduate student applicants. I will also provide myself for them for emotional support and guidance throughout the application process. If you know anyone who needs this, please refer back to them. I am more than pleased to help”

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In a related development, Legit.ng reported that another Nigerian had received a scholarship offer after receiving 63 rejections.

Chibuzo Nwokafor’s design later bore fruit as he received sponsorship to study biotechnology in the UK.

Source: Legit.ng


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