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NIU student wins Northern Star treasure hunt

Just three days after the Northern Star’s treasure hunt began, the treasure hunt paperweight was found by junior physical education major Karli Waldrep outside of the Jack Arends Building.

It took Waldrep about an hour and a half over the span of two days to find the paperweight.

Waldrep waited until the second clue was shared to begin treasure hunting. Once the third clue was shared, Waldrep had a general idea of ​​where the paperweight was hidden and began to look inside of things, rather than just looking outside.

“What’s funny is that on the second day, I actually passed by like where it was, but I just didn’t look close enough to look inside of where it was hidden,” Waldrep said. “I passed it, but I didn’t know that it was there.”

Working as a tour guide for a year, Waldrep believes her knowledge of campus helped her find the paperweight because she knows what buildings on campus are called.

“I got the third clue because, as a tour guide, I was like ‘I know the Jack Arends Building is the Art Building’ and when the clue said that the homophone was errands, I was like ‘errand? What’s an errand around here?’” Waldrep said.

As the winner of the treasure hunt, Waldrep took home two boxes full of prizes and a large envelope filled with gift certificates for local businesses.

Clues explained:

Monday, April 18 clue:

“To find where the treasure is hidden, begin your search east of Annie Glidden.”

A simple clue to start the treasure hunt split the campus in half to narrow the search down to just the east of Annie Glidden Road.

Tuesday, April 19 clue:

“Continue your search farther east of the castle, you’ll find it near a domain of Dean Kassel.”

The paperweight was hidden even farther on the east side of campus past Altgeld Hall and near the building of the College of Visual and Performing Arts, which Paul Kassel is the dean of.

Wednesday, April 20 clue:

“To find the location as part of your daily errands, finish this rhyme with a proper name homophone.”

On the third day of the treasure hunt, participants search for the paperweight a daily task. Finishing the rhyme of the clue would lead them to the Jack Arends Art Building.

Thursday, April 21 possible clue:

“Finding the paperweight requires a plethora of smarts, look around outside on a balcony of art.”

The paperweight was found before the clue for the fourth day was released, but this clue would have led searchers to one of the outdoor landings near the entrances to the art building.

Friday, April 22 possible clue:

“It’s now time to make the final breakthrough, find the treasure tucked into a triangle-themed statue.”

This clue was meant to end the hunt by leading searchers to the tall triangle-themed metal sculpture at the entrance to the Jack Arends building facing Gilbert Hall. The paperweight was tucked inside the triangle base of the structure.


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