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NIU Today | Kevin Delaplace Haro, M.B.A. ’16, brings international experience to students

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With his international experiences, Kevin Delaplace Harrow, MBA 2016, has given the best to Husky students.

“Giving to others costs nothing but a little time. MBA Kevin Deblalas Harrow said in 2016, when asked why he continues to give back to NIU, despite residing in Kuwait and establishing an international career, this time he can To have a huge impact on people.”

“I really think listening to people’s experiences is a great way to find the answers you’ve always been looking for,” he said. “It also gives you perspective and opens your mind.”

Harrow was raised in a Spanish/French home in France, constantly exposed to cultures and languages, and proudly espousing this dual identity. Because of his father’s job, he lived in many cities within France, which made it difficult for him to relate to a particular place exactly. Because of this, he always knew that he wanted to live abroad and get an international job.

“Living abroad opens your mind, increases your curiosity and thirst for new experiences, and makes you want to meet new people from diverse backgrounds,” Haro said.

Always passionate about sports, Haro worked to create an opportunity for himself to work in professional football. As the Regional Business Development Manager for Austrian Business Development Group (ABDG), he signed an exclusive agreement with LaLiga – the Spanish Professional Football League – to establish the first high-performance football center and academy in Kuwait.

Another of Haro’s projects is the newly created Spanish Business Council Kuwait (SBCK). As a founding member and current general secretary, Haro worked on the SBCK label. Develop an online presence, formulate a roadmap and plan for the organization, including formulating bylaws, mission, vision, activities, and services that SBCK wants to provide.

“Volunteers make up the SBCK executive team,” he said. “It is not our full-time job. However, this initiative is important to me. As a Spaniard, I think it is necessary to represent Spain, its talents and expertise in various sectors, and to stimulate trade relations between Spain and Kuwait. Finally, in a small country like Kuwait, it is also necessary For the Spanish community to come together and act as one to gain more momentum and have a more visible presence.”

Harrow’s diverse education allowed him to pave the way for his international dreams. After earning his BA in Political Science and Public Administration from the Autonomous University of Madrid, he obtained an MBA and an MBA in France before coming to NIU for his MBA. He also holds a degree in Sports Marketing from Northwestern University and in Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies from Harvard University, among others.

“While I studied at NIU, it had a partnership with the Institut d’Administration des Entreprises (IAE) – the Institute of Business Administration – in Bordeaux, France. I was part of the Fast Track MBA program at NIU. I had a nice experience. Academically It was a completely different perspective compared to the other Masters I’ve had in France, and it was great to try a different approach to business and education, which I still carry with me today.”

Socially, Haro had a great experience on an American college campus, meeting good friends with whom he is still very close.

“NIU is a part of me. I spent one academic year there, and learned and came across many things that partially shaped who I am today,” he said. “Having a degree from an American university was definitely essential when I was applying for jobs as well. I’m not a native English speaker, but graduating with an MBA degree in the US has given me the validation that I can perform academically and professionally and succeed in a language that is not my language.”

Recently, Haro has become very involved in volunteering with huskies.

“I formally started as a speaker at a Wednesday Night Wisdom conference through the College of Business. The topic was about global careers, and I was honored to be part of a panel composed of such distinguished professionals as Dr. Henry Palani, an MBA instructor at the Business School. for the global economy and regulatory compliance.

Then, Dr. Palani invited Haro to actually join one of his classes as a speaker, sharing his experiences first as an international student, then as an expat worker. Later on, he joined the ethics competition jury, helped some of the major students with funding in their CVs, and finally took part in an event to network with current NIU students and NIU alumni.

“It is always an honor to be invited to collaborate and know incredible people along the way,” he said. “This frequent engagement with NIU creates a stronger bond. Because of NIU’s vibrant community and frequent volunteer events, I became closer to the NIU management and faculty. In fact, after all these events, I knew I would be happy to join the NIU team one day.”

Haro notes that he gets as much from the volunteers’ experiences as he helps him.

“I honestly hope I can help some of them, even if it’s just a little,” he said. “I felt honored to be invited to these opportunities. I felt a kind of appreciation from the people who are worth looking for.”


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