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NIU Today | United Greek Council rebrands as Multicultural Greek Council

Northern Illinois University’s most diverse council in Fraternity and Sorority Life is taking on a new name reflective of their Greek-letter chapters’ historic commitment to cultural identity and belonging.

In a nearly unanimous vote earlier this term, the executive leadership of the United Greek Council rolled out a rebranding as the Multicultural Greek Council in time to recruit for the coming academic year.

“Thanks to the resources provided to us by NIU, our board is more cognizant of the barriers that exist to students finding us,” said Princess Jeremy, MGC president and a senior computer science major. “Our main goal for the year has been promoting an image where students can picture themselves, and this name change helps new Huskies better find people who share the same lived experiences. We wanted to address why prospective Huskies may not be coming to events or learning what we’re about.”

Aubrey Hense, acting director for Fraternity and Sorority Life, credits the work of the Revitalizing Greek Life Task Force with providing marketing and recruitment training and support to all of FSL’s four councils and 41 chapters through the services of campus partner Phired Up.

“The council has been talking about this for a while, and now was the right time to implement the change with specialized assistance,” said Hense. “United Greek Council was more of an idealized identity, whereas Multicultural Greek Council is their actual identity. I’m proud to see our community taking what they’ve learned from Phired Up, and reaching students from traditionally underrepresented populations who may not know what’s out there for them. Nationally, these are some of the youngest organizations in existence, and NIU has been a frontrunner with so many of the earliest chapters.”

Meg Junk, chief of staff for the Division of Student Affairs and acting executive director for Student Involvement, praises MGC’s growth in owning their authenticity.

“I’m thrilled to see the council continuing to set these standards for best practices and set an example as a multicultural leader among other institutions,” said Junk. “Being able to explore what we represent and articulate our values ​​is what helps us coalesce around our cause and create sustainable action.”

Out of MGC’s 15 fraternities and sororities, which includes an open-gender chapter — ten of the groups are single-letter chapters, meaning they were among the first founded on college campuses nationally. Two of those ten are “alpha chapters” — their organization’s original found chapter nationwide.

“I didn’t realize so many diverse groups of people were on campus and wasn’t really involved at NIU until I joined the council and joined my chapter,” said Jeremie. “For Huskies hoping to find their chosen family, this is the pathway. Incoming students who look for Greek-letter organizations that align with their values ​​will see a lot more opportunities on campus and even post-college open up for them.”

Thanks to her time in FSL, Jeremy will graduate in May with a job lined up at a software company. Networking through members of her chapter, alpha Kappa Delta Phi International Sorority Inc., helped her secure a summer internship that turned into a full-time offer. Before serving as MGC president, Jeremie Ran and was secretary as secretary last year. She says it’s the camaraderie through her council and chapter that has catalyzed these accomplishments at NIU and to come in her future career.

“You make some of your closest friends and family when you join the Fraternity and Sorority Life community,” said Jeremy. “I grew up with an older brother, so valued friendships with sorority sisters who I can have girl talk with has been a highlight of my college experience.”

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