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No evidence students saw inappropriate video during online class

Police say they have no evidence supporting reports that students at an Aurora middle school were exposed to inappropriate video during an online session last week.

And the top official in East Aurora District 131 said those reports involving a Thursday math class at Waldo Middle School are “absolutely incorrect.”

According to police, the incident revolves around an employee of a company that is contracted to provide virtual tutoring sessions to District 131 students. Police said they have received reports of students hearing potentially inappropriate content at the end of the session.

At this time, contrary to reports on social media, (Aurora police) has not received any evidence that there was any inappropriate video displayed,” a department statement issued Saturday reads. .”

Superintendent Jennifer Norrell said the class was in a tutoring session, in small groups with different online teachers/instructors. After the tutoring time was done, and the video feed turned off, several students could still hear the noises, she said. Two students said they thought it might have been people having sex.

The district contacted Aurora police and the online tutoring company, which contacted the tutor, Norrell said. The teacher reported she was watching television at the time and was fired, Norrell added.

The district sent a letter to the parents of the students in the room, explaining there was inappropriate behavior and that the tutor had been dismissed, she said.

Police are asking that anyone with video or additional evidence regarding the incident to contact them at (630) 256-5500 or email tips@apd.aurora.il.us.


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