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No guarantee borders would reopen mid-Dec

What is the latest news for international students in Australia? According to 7news.com.au, Health Minister Greg Hunt is giving no guarantees that Australia will reopen its borders to international students and visa holders in mid-December.

The government announced on November 29 that it was delaying the reopening of its borders from December 1 to 15 After concerns about the Omicron متغير variant. International students who participate in a state or territory international student access scheme, and have been granted an exemption, will still be able to travel to australia.

“I certainly don’t make any guarantees,” Hunt told Sky News when asked if the pause for international arrivals would definitely end after December 15. Return to previous settings. It will depend on international evidence.”

On Sunday, Hunt said there were 15 omicron cases identified in Australia. Source: Sonny Tumbelaka / AFP

Latest news for international students in Australia: More uncertainty for many

The latest news for international students in Australia means more uncertainty for international students stranded abroad. Speaking at a news conference in Melbourne on Sunday, Hunt said there are 15 cases of Omicron that have been identified in Australia while others are still under investigation. “I think there are 41 countries that, based on our recent advice, have identified an alternative,” he said.

So we continue to focus on that information. We review, on a daily and weekly basis, travel restrictions. over there There are no plans to change the current proposalsBut our message is very clear: safety and medical advice first. This has been our approach throughout the pandemic, and it will continue to be that approach. So if medical advice changes, we change the rules accordingly.”

Reports indicate that this latest news for international students in Australia means that many students are choosing it Study elsewhere Where the borders are open, while some will change countries if the borders of Australia do not open On December 15th.

Latest news for international students in Australia

The latest news for international students in Australia has not been positive for students. Source: Patrick Hamilton / AFP

Australia’s popularity as a study abroad destination has been dented

Speaking to SBS News, expert education director Bedri Ariel said many students have already given up on Australia. The Sydney-based company specializes in attracting international students to Australia. “We work with many countries around the world, but when I look at India, about 60% of the students who are going to come to Australia [now] Going to the United Kingdom, Canada or the United States.

Data from the Department of Education, Skills and Employment earlier this year showed that universities across Australia saw a sharp decline in enrollments and start of courses in 2021, according to the report.

Ariel saw that closing the country’s borders was not an effective way for Australia to stem the wave of international students choosing to study in competitive markets such as the US, Canada and the UK. “This kind of alternative will come from time to time, but closing the borders is not the answer,” he told SBS News.

We are one [most] Highly vaccinated countries in the world. We are approaching [a] 90% [rate], which is wonderful. It’s a big number when compared to countries like the UK, the US or Canada.” He added that the Australian government should give international students some certainty in terms of opening borders.


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