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Non-profits in Columbia County celebrate ‘Giving Tuesday’

This event is held annually on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving.

Columbia County, Pennsylvania – Food, hardware, and clothing fill the warehouse at Agape in Bloomsburg.

The religious nonprofit has been around for thirteen years. Provides services to people in the District of Columbia and Montour.

“We provide food, we provide clothing, we provide housing and rental assistance,” said Abi Morrison, Agape’s Director of Outreach and Development.

Abby Morrison is the Director of Communication and Development at Agape. She hopes to consider making a donation to Agape on Giving Tuesday.

The event began in 2012 as a way for people to donate to charity. It takes place on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving.

“Donations specifically on Eid Tuesday are vital to meeting the needs of these individuals and families,” Morrison said.

The Bloomsburg Children’s Museum is also looking for donations on Giving Day Tuesday. The museum has been around for more than 30 years.

“We have something for every child and for their parents too. We try to cover everyone,” said Jenny Whipple, director of the Bloomsburg Children’s Museum.

The Bloomsburg Children’s Museum features hands-on educational activities.

Donations collected on Giving Tuesday are for free or low-cost museum programs.

“We do multiple free community events and offer scholarships, scholarships for all of our programs for people who normally can’t afford them,” Weibel said.

Four-legged friends also need help on Giving Tuesday, like Cheetah in “Cats in Bloom.”

“It really makes a huge difference to these cats and kittens,” said Diane Leonard of Cats in Bloom. “She helps with the vet’s care, the food, the expenses, the litter and just all of our day to day operations.”

Cats in Bloom is a cat cafe. People can hang out, play with cats, and even adopt them.

“We have 36 cats residing here in the café right now,” said Leonard.

More information about Giving Tuesday can be found on our website.

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