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Northern Minnesota Robotics Conference announces scholarship program

Bemidji – The Northern Minnesota Robotics Conference has announced the launch of a new NMRC scholarship program in partnership with Enbridge Energy through the Rural Robotics Equity Endeavor, or “R2E2” initiative.

Designed to inspire and nurture students residing in rural areas interested in STEM, the program will provide scholarships to students actively involved in First Robots and the National Children’s Resource Center.

“NMRC strongly believes that we should not only support our students while they are in high school but do what we can to ensure their lifelong success,” the NMRC statement said. “This support really comes in many forms. However, we also like to help well-deserved students from our region with financial capacity while pursuing their passion professionally during post-secondary education.”

NMRC will award $1,000 to students through two major scholarships on an annual basis, the first of which will be awarded for the 2021-2022 academic year.

The “General Scholarship” is open to any student who is involved in robotics in the region, and only needs to complete the application process and meet the criteria specified in the scholarship form. Students can pursue any field of study at any institution whether it is a two- or four-year college, or a professional trade program.

The General Scholarship for Underrepresented Groups follows the same criteria but addresses underrepresented groups in STEM jobs, namely the Native American male and female students. This scholarship is not limited to these two groups, although other demographics are eligible to apply.

The seed funding for these scholarships was provided by various NMRC fundraisers, public donations, and a “start-up” from Enbridge Energy. The NMRC Scholarship Committee will plan events to maintain funding but will continue to welcome individual and group donations to increase the scholarship amount and number of scholarships in the future.

More information about the NMRC Scholarship Fund can be found on the NMRC website.

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