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Nottingham school explains why it will not admit transgender students

Transgender students will not be accepted into an all-girls school in Nottingham.

Nottingham Girls’ High School, operated by the Girls’ Day School Trust, is subject to its own admission policies.

This means that their admission policy will be based on the legal gender recorded on their birth certificate rather than their gender identity.

The trust assured that any student wishing to relocate or explore their gender identity while already in school would be supported and would remain there.

Cheryl Giovannini, CEO of the Girls’ Day School Trust, said: “It is important to state first and foremost that a core principle of our policy is to provide a supportive learning environment for those students who are exploring their gender identity or in the process of transition.

Nottingham High School for Girls

“Our trans students are welcome in our schools and our policy primarily outlines the ways in which schools can support them.

“A trans student who is already in our school can stay in school for as long as they wish. Young people who are exploring their gender identity need space and time to make decisions without pressure.

“The school has a responsibility to support the transient pupil and to ensure that measures are taken to enable them to remain in their school. We will work with them to make the best choices for their long-term well-being.

“GDST schools are able to implement a single-sex admissions policy, without violating the 2010 Equality Act on the basis of a biological sex exception.

“Under current laws and guidance, GDST believes that an admissions policy based on gender identity rather than the legal sex recorded on the student’s birth certificate could jeopardize GDST schools’ status as single-sex schools under the law. We will continue to monitor the legal interpretation of this exemption.”

Nottingham Girls’ Secondary School, in Arboretum Street, Nottingham, is an independent school that educates children between the ages of 4 and 18.

The Girls’ Day School Trust operates a number of different schools across the UK – the secondary school is the only Trust in Nottinghamshire.

The decision was condemned by the school’s local representative, who called on the fund to engage with other organizations and ask for more advice.

Nottingham Member of Parliament Nadia Whitumi told Nottinghamshire Live: “I strongly disagree with the Trust’s decision. Under UK gender recognition laws, only transgender men and women over the age of 18 can have their legal gender corrected on their birth certificate, so This policy effectively excludes all transgender girls.

“The Trust claims this policy is actually required by law to maintain its single-sex exemption, but there are many examples of single-sex organizations that are also inclusive – such as Nottingham Women’s Centre, just blocks away from Nottingham Girls High School. I would urge the trust to Engage with these LGBTQ+ organizations and charities, and seek further legal advice.”

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