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Offering advice on careers and life

Advice on jobs and life

CVD aims to help young people find careers that match their core values, writes Wichit Chantanosornsiri and Sirivish Tomgum

Ms. Soraya provides career design training to undergraduate students.

Online career counseling platform CareerVisa Digital (CVD) aims to help young people find jobs that match what they want in life, says co-founder and CEO Thiraya Thiranakanat.

Ms. Thiraya defined her work as helping the younger generation discover and prepare for the right profession.

CareerVisa Digital (CVD) Co-Founder and CEO Thiraya Thiranakanat.

CVD has several platforms designed to help people find the right job, including one that offers career advice on a personal basis, while www.myrightcareer.net offers tips on how to write an outstanding resume in English.

She said the company is using a machine learning algorithm to enhance its job evaluation site at www.careervisaassessment.com.

Thiraya said, a survey of people’s job satisfaction found that most respondents were dissatisfied with their jobs. Her company aims to address this problem.

The 33-year-old Ms. Thiraya and two other co-founders founded CareerVisa (Thailand) in May 2015. CVD was incorporated as a subsidiary in May 2018. All co-founders share a common goal of wanting to make an impact in the community she said, Not just improving people’s salaries.

CareerVisa Thailand is a social startup company that wants to prepare motivated and experienced people for entrepreneurial and professional careers. right match

Soraya said that people spend about 80,000 hours of their lives at work. She said that if someone is in a profession that they do not enjoy or do not match their life goals, it can cause major problems with their emotional well-being.

Ms. Thiraya said that the majority of graduates with a bachelor’s degree only consider salary when evaluating a job opportunity. Some graduates want to make as much money as possible, so they look for high-paying jobs, such as management consultant.

However, they may not realize that in many cases, these high paying jobs require them to work abroad most of the time, which means they will have no free time in personal life or family members.

She said graduates should consider all aspects of their lives when evaluating a job opportunity, with some offering a lower salary but allowing more time for personal life.

Theraya said that some companies offer MBA scholarships abroad, a kind of benefit that should be considered to put lower-paying jobs on a par with higher-paying ones.

Many American universities employ career counseling firms to provide career advice to their students, with the goal of helping them achieve what they really want in life.

Ms. Soraya graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (International Program) from Thammasat University. She holds an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, sponsored by PTT.

I majored in MBA in Marketing, Finance and Organization Management. Ms. Soraya worked with PTT and its subsidiaries from June 2010 to January 2017.

Her work experience includes business development, finance and marketing. She has worked in Singapore, the Philippines and Laos in the oil and gas sector as well as power plant projects.

Ms. Thiraya is also an Assistant Lecturer in Career Planning in the Bachelor’s Program in Economics at Chulalongkorn University.

Paralysis by analysis

She said her career counseling work fits in with her goal of wanting to make a change that can benefit society.

Ms. Thiraya said, “I was pained by not knowing what I wanted in life. So I followed what society and my parents had pushed me into, only to find that this was not what I wanted.”

During her MBA studies, she realized that her primary personal value is making an impact. After initially working at CareerVisa as a side project, she left her job at PTT.

Ms. Thiraya said that working for PTT Group in Thailand and its subsidiaries abroad has given her diverse experience in the areas of finance, marketing and business development.

“I use my knowledge in these areas to help students and career switchers analyze their target situations and careers,” she said.

professional advice

Ms. Thiraya’s suggestion to graduates or students who are still not sure what profession they should pursue is to remember that a person can have more than one job at a time.

People may pursue a career that satisfies them in some respect, but does not address their personal core values. Then they can then work a freelance job on the weekends that aligns with their core values, she said.

“On the other hand, their day-to-day job may align with their personal core values, while an investment or side business can provide the cash flow necessary for the lifestyle they desire,” Thiraya said.

She said her CVD goal is not to become a unicorn or to make a fortune. Instead, the goal is to help people find jobs that fit their lives well.


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