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Officials: Students Re-engaging With Peers

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JACKSON – Superintendent Nicole Bormeily reported that the district focused on engaging students with their peers, school activities, and academics.

She noted during a recent school board meeting that “we really want to make sure that students are reconnected and excited to come to school again.”

A short video presentation was shown early on during that meeting, in which Bormelli said “it’s going to show some of the amazing things we’ve been doing in the last month in terms of re-engaging students, celebrating and honoring respect, responsibility, safety and getting rid of drugs with Red Ribbon Week.” “

Jackson Elementary School students appeared at the presentation talking about the excitement they felt in October with lessons on acts of kindness and Jackson Police officers visiting to talk to students about Halloween safety.

Members of Jackson’s fire departments also came out last month to speak to students from pre-kindergarten to fifth grade about fire safety. The video showed clips from those visits to police and firefighters and the various programs held in schools.

“Our staff and administrative team are amazing at reengaging students and finding very creative and fun ways to truly send a message of respect, stay drug-free, and take care of yourself in a healthy way. We lead by example and there is no better example than our employees here at Jackson who have truly invested.”

Supervising Nicole Bormelli (Photo by Bob Fussler)

Scholarship information

Vice Chairman Michael Walsh said a scholarship committee meeting took place on November 16 to launch a flyer. He said the flyer is something that “pays for scholarships offered by the Jackson Scholarships Group. Sponsors interested in offering scholarships should go to the website and submit information before December 20.”

After this date, Walsh said, students will receive scholarship information and begin applying in mid-January. Scholarships will be selected by mid-March. This is the general guideline.”

Board Member Jose Acevedo noted that the school district’s campus is associated with two universities/colleges. “Have we contacted them about the availability of scholarships and information we can provide to our students?”

Through the school guidance departments, Walsh said, “there are a lot of connections between Rutgers and the Georgian Court and Ocean County College and there are some scholarships that have been identified for each of them.”

solar panel project

With regards to the premises and grounds of the area, Buildings and Lands Group board member Scott Raqib said they are progressing smoothly “thanks to the amazing crew we have. We are moving forward with the continuation and we hope to have the solar panel project completed which we hope to see soon in our car parks. In another time “.

He added, “On behalf of all of the high school students and the Building and Land Group were able to make sure they had an outdoor homecoming. This is a bit pivotal to something we don’t normally do but in order to make that happen, the crews made sure of that.”

Bus driver shortage

Walsh also spoke about budget and funding saying, “In terms of the schedule, we have a meeting scheduled to talk about the shortage of (bus) drivers and how we can overcome it to get the most students to and from school and for activities and the special school situation coming next year.”

The sergeant reported that there are no contract negotiations at this time.

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