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Ohio State Blows Past IUPUI, 83-37, to Win Ninth Straight Game at Home

All signs pointed to Buckeye’s crushing blast against the hapless IUPUI in a no-conference make-up game Tuesday night.

Those pointers weren’t out of place, as 19th-ranked Ohio State scrambled to win 83-37 to claim their ninth straight win at the Schuttenstein center, even if it took until the second half for the scarlet and gray to really look dominant against him. Horizon team enemy.

Ohio State, a 33-point favorite on alarm, had a 13-point lead at the break, but that advantage quickly swelled to 24 in the first few minutes of the final frame as the Buckeyes dropped six of their first seven shots in the second half. The Buckeyes went against the 1-15 Jaguars from there onwards, advancing over 40 as the superior IUPUI team couldn’t keep up with the Ohio State offensive.

The Buckeyes outnumbered IUPUI 46-13 in the second half, ending the match in round 19-0.

New goalkeeper Eugene Brown made a major effort with 14 points last night for the Buckeyes, and EJ Liddell turned his 16th straight double-digit game with a double – 13 points and 10 rebounds – into the lopsided victory.

Ohio State scored its first nine points of the game before the IBF climbed to the plate with a free throw. Jaguar went on to outdo the Buckeyes 22-21 to stay eight points off the scarlet and gray, 30-22, at the 2:54 mark of the first half.

The Buckeyes finished the opening period with seven of the last nine points, including 7-0 to lead 37-24 at the end of the first half. Liddell, Zed Key and Malaki Branham each took seven points to lead the Buckeyes, who fired 48 percent from the field and 4 for 12 from the 3-point streak in the first half.

The Jaguars, who beat them 15-8 from Ohio State, sent the Buckeyes to the free throw line 10 times during the first 20 minutes. IUPUI shot 9 for 19 from the ground and 2 for 5 from downtown in the first half, with second guard Bakari Lastrup leading by eight points.

Ohio State scored 15 of the first 19 points to open the second half, and Brown scored seven points on the best night of his career. The Buckeyes dropped six consecutive shots during this stretch after missing their first field goal of the inning.

After his first shot in the recent period, the Jaguars lost seven of the next eight as Ohio State expanded their lead.

At 10:51, Cedric Russell struck a triple pointer to give the Buckeyes a 29-point lead, and Kyle Young made the score 18-2 for Ohio State with a stop on the next trip down, pushing the advantage. to 31. Russell tied for his highest level of the season with 12 points.

During a 9-0 run in less than four minutes of play, Ohio State had a 36-point lead over the Jaguar – their highest level in the game – as Harrison Hawkvin appeared for his third time this season with the Buckeyes. Hockvin, who was placed in a scholarship on Sunday, scored his first point of the season in the last minute of the game.

IUPUI turned the ball more than 20 times in the night, and Ohio State took full advantage in a game where they dominated all sides in the last 20 minutes.

What then: Ohio State (12-4) will remain in Columbus (6-13) to face Nebraska for the second time this season at 2:15 p.m. Sunday.

Other notes

  • Meechie Johhnson Jr. (face), Justice Sueing (belly) and Seth Towns (back) were all unavailable to the Buckeyes again Tuesday. Johnson has missed his third game in a row, has not played Swing since his second game of the year and Towns has not made his debut in 2021-22.

  • Ohio State last played IUPUI on December 12, 2010, a game in which the second-seeded Buckeyes won by only 11 points against the unseeded Jaguars. Jared Solinger scored 40 points in Ohio State’s win.

  • Tuesday marked the third time Ohio State had ever played IUPUI, with the first meeting taking place on December 9, 2001. That match saw an 83-70 win over Buckeye, but was later vacated by the NCAA.

  • The IUPUI’s 37 points was the lowest Ohio State allowed in a game to 38 points on November 21, 2016.

  • The Buckeyes are one of only two teams in the Big Ten to have an undefeated home record (9-0), with Indiana being the only other program.

  • Ohio State added the non-conference game to its schedule to make up for the three games that were canceled amid the Bucks’ COVID-19 outage through the end of December.


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